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Irregular Times Donations: DC Occupation And Charity:Water

Every time someone buys one of our sweatshop-free shirts at Skreened, we promise to donate one dollar to a domestic political cause and another dollar to help out poor people living overseas. This time around, our international donation goes to Charity:Water, which helps drill wells for safe drinking water in remote villages that currently have none. Our latest donation to a good political cause within the United States goes to the occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington DC which has been raising a ruckus in our nation’s capitol for a week and has won the right to stay there for at least four more months. Every single day this group heads out to participate in a new demonstration of opposition to the corporate-loving, war-spending political elite. The least we can do is help them buy a bit of peanut butter.

2 thoughts on “Irregular Times Donations: DC Occupation And Charity:Water”

  1. Tom says:

    Hey, speakin’ of water, let’s take a look at this lovely beach in New Zealand:

    1. Jim Cook says:

      You’re always good for a cheer-up, Tom! Thanks.

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