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Al Hamsa In North America

Back in July, F.G. Fitzer wrote about an ancient magical symbol, Al Khamsa, the eye displayed on the palm of an open hand, thousands of years old, that was said to provide protection against the Evil Eye. The symbol was in use across Europe, Africa and Asia…

…and perhaps North America. The image below on the left is from a stone disk that was found in Moundsville, Alabama.

al hamsa from moundsville alabama al khamsa magic eye in hand

What explanations can you think of for the existence of the same symbol in cultures separated by the Atlantic Ocean?


Update, May 2013: Here’s a new Abstract Khamsa design, inspired by Tuareg artwork.

4 thoughts on “Al Hamsa In North America”

  1. Tom says:

    What explanation can you give for killing a teenager (and an innocent friend) by drone missle with no charges of any kind, no trial, and no reason? Well Obama has done it again. Peace Laureate my ass. His whole, too secret for public view DEATH PANEL has it’s second target taken out: the teenaged son of the American Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki whom he blew up about a month ago. Way to fucking go you fascist bastard! Yeah, i’ll vote for you – to go to the Hague for war-crimes!

    1. Rowan says:

      What explanation can you give for blueberry flavored popcorn, Tom?

      A gentle question, Tom: Could you use the search bar on this web site to find a topically related article in which to leave comments like these? Placed in appropriate articles, such comments move the conversation on your subject forward. Placed in unrelated areas, your comments don’t bring as much reaction.

  2. Jim says:

    Did someone plant it?

  3. Tom says:

    i’m not real adept at finding the appropriate spot to put some of the outrageous actions our government is doing at the moment. i mean it all comes under the violation of the Constitution, but then can get shunted into various categories that all of us may not agree on and therefore be deemed “off topic”, “unrelated” (as if everything isn’t related), or the ever popular “inappropriate.” So i appreciate your comment Rowan, and take no offense, i just haven’t the ability to parse out where each comment goes. i’ll try though.

    As to blueberry flavored popcorn, it’s most likely due to marketing efforts by those companies who produce the popcorn product wishing to expand their appeal to, oh maybe young children, early teens or anyone with an “adventurous” palate.

    On the subject of this article, which i looked into, some think there was a migration of people from Europe (way before it was “Europe”) to the northern hemisphere across the land bridge from Russia to Alaska (which isn’t there anymore) or, in a different migration, possibly from Mexico northward (there are also great similarities between many of the pyramidal structures of both early civilizations). The symbol appears in early Middle Eastern and North African cultures and generally is regarded as a power symbol for “protection.”

    i’m really upset at Obama at this point for this completely unconstitutional, immoral, unfair, and formerly unamerican assassination vehicle he’s using. Sorry for taking the discussion off topic.

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