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Americans Elect wants you to know Americans are not really as Angry with Wall Street as you might Think

What does this “news item” at Americans Elect have to do with running its own online election to select a presidential candidate?

Americans Elect: Americans Blame Washington More Than Wall Street for the Economy

I have no earthly idea, especially because Americans Elect says it has no issues, ideology or agenda that it’s pushing.

But for whatever reason, Americans Elect really wants you to know that Americans don’t point the finger at Wall Street for economic troubles.

P.S. Americans Elect’s “leaders” include:

Chairman Peter Ackerman, Founder and Managing Partner, Rockport Capital

Jacqueline Adams, Senior Counselor, Burson-Marteller corporate public relations

David Albertson, agribusiness, venture capital and real estate investment

Gerald W. Blakeley Jr., President, Blakeley Investment Company

Arturo Brillembourg, President, Farmington Asset Management hedge fund

Hilda Ochoa Brillembourg, President and CEO, Strategic Investment Group hedge fund and private equity group

John H. Burbank III, Founder, Managing Member and Chief Investment Officer of Passport Capital hedge fund

W. Bowman Cutter, Senior Fellow and Director of Economic Policy Initiative, Roosevelt Institute and Managing Director, The Cedars Capital Partners

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, CEO, E.L. Rothschild private investment firm

Les Francis, Principal/Senior Advisor, Washington Media Group corporate public relations firm

Carla Hills, Chairman & CEO, Hills & Company corporate advocacy firm on international trade

Roderick M. Hills, Principal, Hills & Company corporate advocacy firm on international trade and Partner, Hills, Stern & Morley, LLP private equity and investment law firm

Philip K. Howard, Partner, Covington & Burling corporate law firm, specializing in mergers and acquisitions

Dale E. Jones, Vice Chairman, Heidrick & Struggles executive search and corporate consulting firm

W. David Lawson IV, Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase & Co. Investment Bank

Lee Lowenstein, Managing Director, Lionstone Capital Management firm for private wealth investment

Rafael Mayer, Managing Partner, Khronos LLC hedge fund management firm

Mark McKinnon, Global Vice Chair, Hill and Knowlton Public Relations corporation

Morton H. Meyerson, Chairman, Alsbridge outsourcing corporation

Nancy E. Roman, President, G7 Group corporate political analysis firm

Kirk T. Rostron, Managing Partner, The Mount Vernon Group private investment firm

For whatever reason, I just felt the need to type that information in right now.

4 thoughts on “Americans Elect wants you to know Americans are not really as Angry with Wall Street as you might Think”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    Maybe Occupy D.C. ought to head on over to the Americans Elect office for a protest to show them how Americans really feel about Wall Street.

  2. Tom says:

    (to finish J. Clifford’s sentence and great idea):
    and about the whole phony-baloney (yeah, that Baloney too) “political” process they reprehensively represent .

  3. Bill says:

    Occupy Wall Street continues to terrify Americans Elect Corporation and its plutocratic 0.1%er ‘leaders’, flushing them from cover to reveal their true colors. I am loving every minute of this…they just can’t help themselves, can they?

    Occupy Americans Elect.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The flowerpot illustration with the pointing fingers is priceless. Reminds me of this dying vine I have on a windowsill. Is it from a clip art package? I guess there’s a shortage of creativity among the suits of AE.

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