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Slavish Conservative Bootlicking: Let Government Do Anything to Keep 1 Person Safe

James Delingpole sarcastically takes the New York Times to task for telling the world about Bush’s secret, illegal and unconstitutional warrantless wiretapping program that spied on innocent people.  His 296th Way to Drive a Liberal Crazy is:

296. Praise the Grey Lady for its principled decision in 2005 to expose President Bush’s Terrorist Surveillance wiretap program. Of course, there are conservative fools who witter on about stuff like national security, but liberals understand otherwise. Say to your liberal friend that you would rather a thousand innocent New Yorkers were blown to tiny pieces on the subway than live in a country where government attempts to eavesdrop on potentially innocent jihadists; you’re so proud that the crusading zeal and moral certitude for which the New York Times is so justly renowned has made that possible.

In Delingpole’s world, he knows that the people being spied on must be “Jihadists.”  In the real world, American soldiers talking to their wives were listened in on for government agents’ amusement.

In Delingpole’s world, deaths from terrorism are a major cause of death. In the real world, more people die every year from gallbladder attacks than have died from terrorist attacks over the past ten years.

In Delingpole’s world, the Constitution isn’t a respected document with the supreme force of law — it’s just a piece of paper to be ignored. In the real world…

… in the real world, Delingpole’s mentality has won out.

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