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Where Can you Get a Free Krampus Greeting Card? Well, it’s Free-ish right here.

Yep, a Free Krampus Card, all yours, one per person.

Well, Free-ish. I hate it when people leave the fine print to the last, so let me say upfront you gotta pay shipping and sales tax, which is slightly bogus, but this is the best deal we could get with our distributor…

Krampusnacht Card: Krampus is the reason for the season.  Free to you through November 24, 2011

… but that said, hey, want a Krampus Card for the holiday season? J. Clifford drew up this doozy of a Krampusnacht design and you can get it free on a card (not including shipping and handling, yeah, I know, sheesh). Here’s how.

Step 1. Visit the Krampus Card page here and add it to your shopping cart.

Step 2. use the coupon code KWTAHJFOVOWK at checkout.

That’s it! One one card is free per person, and the offer is good through November 24 2011. Get it now so you can send an endearment (or perhaps a birch switch) to your love in time for the Krampuslauf.

One thought on “Where Can you Get a Free Krampus Greeting Card? Well, it’s Free-ish right here.”

  1. Tom says:

    That’s nice of you to give away your intellectual property.

    On another note (and again – i have no idea where to put this, but it’s important):

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