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Americans Elect Names 10 New Leaders, Drawing Heavily Again from Financial Sector

Earlier this week, Americans Elect listed the following additional “Leadership” on its website, not specifying most of their leadership positions within Americans Elect:

Denis A. Cortese, M.D.
Foundation Professor, Arizona State University and Director of the ASU Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program; Emeritus President and CEO, Mayo Clinic

Eliot R. Cutler
Chairman, OneMaine, Political Action Committee to “to strengthen Maine’s political center.”
Candidate for Governor of Maine, 2010

Charles H. Dallara
Managing Director, Institute of International Finance, “an association of over 340 global financial institutions.”
Member, Council on Foreign Relations

Jessica Einhorn
Dean of School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University
Member, Council on Foreign Relations
20-year career as executive at World Bank

Mark Erwin
Former United States Ambassador to Mauritius
Former Director, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
President, Erwin Capital, Incorporated
Board of Directors, New Dominion Bank

Brian M. Findlay
Policy Director, Americans Elect

Bertil Lundqvist
General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Starr Insurance, Financial Services and Holding Company, specializing in corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions
Member, Council on Foreign Relations
Council member, Brookings Institution

Cara Brown McCormick
Smart Campaigns (Americans Elect contractor for undisclosed services)

Jordan H. Rednor
President, Rednor Group Ltd. merchant banking firm
Partner, The Mentor Fund investment fund
Chairman, Mr Youth social media marketing company
Partner, Protagonist Advertising Agency
Director, EMAK firm owned by Americans Elect Chairman Peter Ackerman

Darry Sragow
Political Director, Americans Elect
Managing Partner and Political Strategist for Hire, SNR Denton US, LLP
One of California’s leading strategists for political campaigns, corporations, Native American tribes and nonprofit organizations.”

Most, but not all, of these individuals have connections to the for-profit financial sector. To find a complete and annotated list of people Americans Elect has named as its “leaders,” starting with the July 2011 list of its Board of Advisors, click here.

10 thoughts on “Americans Elect Names 10 New Leaders, Drawing Heavily Again from Financial Sector”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    That’s My Congress notes that Mark Erwin’s donations to members of Congress this year skews significantly to the right. Mark Erwin certainly doesn’t represent the kind of centrism that Americans Elect promised. See:

  2. Bill says:

    It’s hard for me to envision Ackerman and his buds sitting around saying, “Ya know, we just don’t have enough money guys around here…let’s get some more!”

    I don’t know; maybe they’re trying to start a bridge club or something.

    Actually, it seems likely to me that most if not all of the money guys on the “Leadership” are probably big donors to AE. Buy yerself a seat at the table.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Yeah. How exactly is Americans Elect different from politics as usual? It looks to me like just another pay-to-play political party run by big power brokers. Why would I sign up to support that?

      1. Bill says:

        Actually, Americans Elect Corporation differs from conventional political parties in several important ways, J. Clifford:
        * Its rules are secret and not subject to input by members
        * Its donors are secret
        * Its membership rolls are secret, and members have no simple means to meet up outside of corporation-regulated online forum
        * Delegates/members have no decision-making power; all power is vested in the Board of Directors
        * Candidates are restricted to individuals judged “professionally qualified” according to arbitrary rules
        * And last but not least: it’s a corporation, not a party

        Not to say that these differences from ‘politics as usual’ are good things, but you have to admit it’s different!

  3. Hooligan says:

    So we’re likely to see three corporate hacks on the ballot this time: Obama, some Republican, and whoever AE chooses. Of course, AE might just as easily nominate one of the other two candidates. So what on earth is the point?

    The only thing that would make sense to me would be a “spoiler” campaign, although at this point it’s not completely clear to me which party it’s attempting to “spoil”. I did read the Republican National Committee made a very favorable welcoming statement about AE. Yet at the same time, the names that come out of the AE peoples’ mouths– Tim Pawlenty (as if?), Herman Cain. Wouldn’t that more likely split the Republicans and help Obama?

    “After 32 months of unemployment exceeding 8 percent, Americans are tired of President Obama’s failed policies, and we welcome anyone interested in making Obama a one-term president,” said Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski.

    The Democratic National Committee did not respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

    1. Hooligan says:

      But, then again, the same Republican spokeswoman said this about the Occupy protesters, so perhaps it’s just opportunism:

      “The protests began with anger aimed at Wall Street, but the anger is also directed at the failure of leadership in Washington and that starts with the president,” Kristen Kukowski, a spokeswoman for the committee, said Monday.

    2. Dove says:

      Personally, I’m giving up both sides of the AE spoiler theory. The Republicans are clearly spoiling themselves. No way any of their beloved fringe R candidates can win the general. And anyone who likes Romney/Pawlenty/Huntsman probably likes Obama as much. Obama and the Democrats are soaking up the juicy center. AE will not nominate someone to the left of Obama or the right socially of Perry — Though they might get someone economically to his right. So I predict the AE candidate will get less votes than will be written in for Ron Paul, but they should still be held accountable. In summary: the right is full of angry ignorant candidates, the center is full of shitty typical politicians, the left is without an official voice but is trying to make themselves heard in the streets.

      1. Dove says:

        I assume there is no chance Jill Stein or other reasonable Green party candidate will be allowed in presidential debates.

  4. J. A. says:

    How has Americans Elect selected new leaders? I was one of the first people to sign up on their website last spring to be a delegate to their online convention. I wasn’t asked to vote on any leaders, old or new. Americans Elect is just the latest manifestation of Unity08. When the members of Unity08 started complaining about how the self-appointed leadership was operating that leadership simply shut the organization down. They likely will do the same with Americans Elect. The outfit is just more astroturfing.

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