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Occupy The Other Wall Street

Over at Occupy Wall Street in Manhattan, New York, protesters are working at winterization of their encampment by placing pellet boards underneath their tents and by improvising rechargeable heating packs.

Over at the Occupy Wall Street movement in California’s Joshua Tree, a desert banded gecko was seen scuttering from a high rock in the sun into the rusted husk of an abandoned car.

ghost town gold rush california

About 20 miles to the north of the Salton Sea, between Los Angeles and the border with Arizona, the Wall Street mill was once a busy center of economic activity, a place for miners to refine gold out the ore they hauled out of the ground. It’s been abandoned for 50 years.

This ghost town location should serve as a reminder to today’s tycoons on the Wall Street on the opposite side of the continent that nothing lasts forever.

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