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Americans Elect Leader Eliot Cutler is a No Labels “Thought Leader”

For a little while now I’ve been tallying up the connections between two groups:

Here’s a new connection to add to that growing list:

Former candidate for Governor in Maine Eliot Cutler is referred to as a “National Political Thought Leader” and “Citizen Leader” of No Labels and has been featured on a No Labels conference call.

The same Eliot Cutler has been added to the roster of Americans Elect Leadership during the month of October 2011.

Is this connection, like the dozen other connections between Americans Elect and No Labels, a matter of sheer coincidence and dumb luck?

Go ahead, try and ask. I’ve asked Americans Elect about its connections with No Labels a number of times. I’ve never gotten an answer.

5 thoughts on “Americans Elect Leader Eliot Cutler is a No Labels “Thought Leader””

  1. tiradefaction says:

    Just to give some background on Eliot Cutler, as you pointed out he was a former gubernatorial candidate for Maine back in the ’10 election. After the election he was subject to some rather hilarious accusations that he “spoiled” the election for the Democrat (which was Libby Mitchell), despite the fact he got around 17% more votes than her! He then went onto create “OneMaine”, a sort of political action group for “centrists” in Maine. My impression of watching Eliot Cutler during the gubernatorial race and afterwards on places like facebook would suggest he’s a genuinely nice guy, and does care about the future of Maine (even if I don’t agree with a lot of his policies), I can’t say the same about the rest of the folks behind No Labels or “Americans Elect”.

    That being said, if you looked at his platform, it was essentially a lite version of the Maine GOP’s platform. The major difference, ta da, was that it lacked any appeal to JEEZUS. That’s American centrism for you, economic policies for the 1%, without that stupid JEEZUS shit designed to win redneck votes.

    1. Ralph says:

      It appears our corporate gods believe they no longer need Jeey-zus-ah!

      Dudes, you’re not “centrists.” You’re one leg of a triumvirate of economic elites, social reactionaries, and fundamentalist Christians that barely–just barely–eked out simple majorities in elections over the last few decades under the rubric of “conservative.”

      Good luck on your own!

  2. Ralph says:

    Hey, check out this quote from Elliot Ackerman:

    “A lot of the folks that engage with us are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, and those people don’t really have a voice in our political system right now. What we’re doing is really creating an incentive structure so that those individuals will be competed for.” (ABC News, 10/12/11)

    Could he be more blatant about Americans Elect’s ideological agenda?

    1. tiradefaction says:

      Go figure.

      As I’ve observed in the past, they’re libertarian lite. That’s what’s called “moderate” in our political dialogue. Libertarians too, are (usually) socially liberal and fiscally conservative. They just won’t be completely ideological with their love of the “Free” Market, allowing a little bit of regulation here and there (probably the ones that benefit their donors of course).

      1. Hooligan says:

        They just won’t be completely ideological with their love of the “Free” Market, allowing a little bit of regulation here and there (probably the ones that benefit their donors of course).

        Add in exceptions covering outright corporate welfare, agricultural subsidies for agribusiness, etc., are AOK, too, along with military tribunals, surveillance, loss of civil liberties, etc. It’s easy to miss, too, but the “fiscally conservative” label was actually chosen for its specificity. It’s not “free markets” these people would be after in general, because that would mean competition. Rather, the goal is confined to fiscal policy, i.e., reducing the public debt. I would bet all the cuts these people seek somehow magically circumnavigate the business of military and security, since that’s a major traditional pillar of the US economy, in which many of these donors personally do business.

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