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Americans Elect Lauds Figure for Criticizing “Selfishness” in Washington DC. Guess Who?

Yesterday, Americans Elect quoted from a person lambasting politicians in Washington DC for their selfishness, greed and focus on narrow interests. Who is that person?

Americans Elect lauds James R. Boyle for blasting DC's Selfishness, Greed and Focus on Narrow Interests

“Too many people are worried about themselves personally and the next election and not doing the right thing for this country,” says James R. Boyle, who works as President of John Hancock Life Insurance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of a foreign-based multinational conglomerate. Boyle was responsible for outsourcing computer programming jobs to India, where it can pay workers less for the same job. John Hancock Life Insurance has been caught in a scandal for not paying out benefits when people have died and instead keeping the money for itself. Jim Boyle is doing rather well personally, having brought home $3.1 million in compensation last year.

There are times I think that Americans Elect is a billionaire’s idea of a hilarious inside joke. This is one of those times.

2 thoughts on “Americans Elect Lauds Figure for Criticizing “Selfishness” in Washington DC. Guess Who?”

  1. Bill says:

    “Well, there you go again…” You’re just being selfish, which proves Boyles’ point. Obviously you need to share more of his pain.

  2. Rokovoko says:

    Ever hear of NASSCOM? The INDIA LOBBY? The Clinton’s tie$ to it?

    Americans Elect is a globo-one-world-corpo-political front group for funneling what’s left of good paying American citizens’ white collar jobs to India.

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