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Who Americans Elect Twitter Followers actually want for President: Ron Paul and Elizabeth Warren

Americans Elect is trying to run a social media campaign on Twitter. Using the hashtag #WhoWillAmericansElect, it’s asking people to name the people they’d like to see run for President. So far, these are the results with less than a hundred participants:

Ron Paul: 16 votes
Elizabeth Warren: 10 votes
Barack Obama: 9 votes
Bernie Sanders: 7 votes
Buddy Roemer: 5 votes
Bill Gates: 4 votes
Ralph Nader: 4 votes
Herman Cain: 3 votes
Newt Gingrich: 3 votes
John Huntsman: 3 votes
Gary Johnson: 3 votes
Michael Bloomberg: 2 votes
Dennis Kucinich: 2 votes

One Vote Each:
Evan Bayh
Jello Biafra
David Brooks
Warren Buffett
Robert Canales
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Stephen Colbert
Jacques Fresco
Bob Gates
Jennifer Granholm
Chuck Hagel
Terry Jones
David Kortan
Paul Krugman
John Mealer
Kweisi Mfume
Matt Miller
Michael Francis Moore
Rand Paul
Dylan Ratigan
Mitt Romney
Eric Schmidt
Brian Schweitzer
Jon Sponheim
Tony Stark
Jon Stewart
Donald Trump
Jesse Ventura
David Walker
Joseph Charles Wilson IV
Danny Woodring

Who do you want to see running for President?

5 thoughts on “Who Americans Elect Twitter Followers actually want for President: Ron Paul and Elizabeth Warren”

  1. Sj says:

    Ron Paul of course

    1. sheri nelson says:

      Elizabeth Warren for president

  2. Jamie says:

    Disagree with him on other issues, but if you want drastic changes to the spending of wars, then vote Ron Paul. Let him make the reform and then you can vote again based on your politics.

  3. Infinity says:

    At last, somneoe who comes to the heart of it all

  4. Rick says:

    Too bad Americans Elect is nothing more than a Potemkin Village.

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