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Can You Explain These UFOs?

On Friday, an unidentified flying object was filmed trailing a military cargo plane at a fixed distance as the plane flew along the Pacific coast. Here’s what it looks like:

november 11, 2011 ufo

Also recently released was a picture of what the photographer describes as a “craft” seen above a hill next to the site of an ancient Aztec ruin. The photograph is as seen below (the photographer put the red arrow on the photo to help people see the “craft”):

What’s your interpretation about these photographed objects? They’re unexplained, but what does that imply – space aliens, lens artifacts, reflected lights, or something else?

2 comments to Can You Explain These UFOs?

  • Anonymous

    The second picture, over the Aztec ruin, is clearly a “smart” munition, released a short distance from its intended target (most likely somewhere in Pakistan).

    The first picture depicts an alien craft. There’s simply no plausible alternative theory.

  • The use of the word “craft” is interesting to me, as it suggests that the photographer and commentator presume that the thing is an object, and was made by someone. There’s no evidence of the kind.

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