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Breaking News: Americans Elect Leader thinks Americans Elect is a Great Idea

In its latest piece of press release “news,” the 501c4 corporation to nominate a presidential candidate called Americans Elect shares the considered analysis of one Mark McKinnon, described by Americans Elect as a “Columnist” and a “political media strategist”:

But the way we find our leaders is an unpredictable thing, says political media strategist Mark McKinnon in The Financial Times (subscription required). And it’s now “more true than ever given the volatile dynamics” of our political scene. Right now, Obama “is running into stiff head winds and is acutely vulnerable,” but “the Republican field is still unsettled. The front runner this week may change next week.”

But once the nomination is resolved, McKinnon says, voters are likely to be dissatisfied, and to want a third party candidate:

“A serious alternative nominating idea has emerged in the form of an organization called Americans Elect, which has no candidate yet but has already gathered more than half the signatures required to get on the ballot in all 50 states.”

One phrase Americans Elect doesn’t use to describe Mark McKinnon is “George W. Bush’s campaign manager.” Another phrase Americans Elect doesn’t use is “Americans Elect Leader.” That’s right: Mark McKinnon is Americans Elect’s Board of Advisors.

Americans Elect calls itself a “grassroots” movement. Apparently, this is how the “grassroots” works now:

1. Start a 501(c)(4) corporation with mystery millions.
2. Bring a high-powered politico with connections into its inner circle.
3. Use those connections to get the politico into the media as a “Columnist” who drops the name of Americans Elect with approval
4. Issue a press release sharing the “Columnist’s” approval of Americans Elect without acknowledging in the press release that the “Columnist” is an Americans Elect insider.

If this is “grassroots,” I’m the long-lost Princess Anastasia.

One thought on “Breaking News: Americans Elect Leader thinks Americans Elect is a Great Idea”

  1. aurora1920 says:

    Instead of popular vote (easy to understand and promote) I’d like to see proportional allocation of elector’s reflecting the popular vote.

    Tha sounds/seems FAIR without al the ferment.

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