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Americans Elect: Crossing Every i, Dotting Every t for the 2012 Election

Is Americans Elect really ready to run the nation’s first ever 50-state presidential nomination, all privately carried out, all online? That’s a hefty technological feat, considering the need for an unquestionably secure and stable software platform, for voter verification and anonymity, and all in less than six months’ time. That’s right — according to the Americans Elect website, there are only 150 days to go until the first ballot. There will be no second chances come time for the privately-run Americans Elect elections. Is Americans Elect technically ready to accomplish all these unprecedented feats?

While you mull over that question, some entirely unrelated news. Here’s a screen capture of Americans Elect’s rating for Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio:

Is this really Sherrod Brown's photograph?

You only rate a 58% approval from Americans Elect, Senator Brown. Too bad for you. But at least you’re not only 50%-okay Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island:

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, who according to Americans Elect looks JUST LIKE Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio

Or are you? My word. The resemblance is uncanny. Perhaps they were separated at birth. Then brought together again in the same studio. And given the same haircut. And wardrobe.

Whatevs. It’s onward and upward to the nation’s first online election. Techselsior!

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