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Gangaji, a guru who grew up in Mississippi, found suffering as an acupuncturist in San Francisco, then received enlightenment on a trip to India, asks her students to consider the question, “What are the obstacles that prevent living authentically and freely?”

I don’t know about authenticity, but one of the obstacles to living freely I can identify on Gangaji’s web site: A 28 dollar per month membership fee to listen to Gangaji’s teleconferences and webcasts of wisdom. Enlightenment does not come easily. It requires, so it seems, Visa or Mastercard.


“The truth of who you are is yours already,” Gangaji teaches. As I bask in the glow of Gangaji’s unique energy, I wonder: If I already have the truth, why would I need to pay to listen to Gangaji’s teleconferences?

Postscript: Another update from the Gangaji Homeland comes to us through Here Now TV, which announces that the next set of sessions with spiritual leader Canela will not take place here, now, but will instead be broadcast from Forest Park, Illinois, starting on December 2nd.

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