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Harold Camping: Forget Those Ends of the World. How about some Money?

In yesterday’s mail:

Family Radio Network broadcast two ends of the world in March and October of 2011.  They didn't happen, and now Family Radio Network is asking followers to forget all that and send on some more money.

Harold Camping’s Family Radio Network is forgetting those things which are behind. Never mind the March 2011 end of the world. Never mind the other end of the world in October 2011. Camping’s camp is reaching forward for those donations that lie before them, pressing toward this month’s fundraising goals. To God be the Glory. To Family Radio Network be the checks made out.

2 thoughts on “Harold Camping: Forget Those Ends of the World. How about some Money?”

  1. FR watcher says:

    Yeah! They are running out of money. They just sold WFSI Annapolis, and it will be taken over by CBS to play Latin hip hop! This is from a “Christian ministry” HA

    Next is WKDN Philly – that one is almost sold.

    How about it folks? Wanna send more money to poor old Harold and see him buy a bunch of silly billboards and then sell the stations? Hmmmm

  2. as daffy says:

    Worrying about end of the world is non-sense, how about worrying about your family or loved ones? Then money can be resolved any time if you’ll just work hard on your own.

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