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Americans Elect Voting System Still Broken with

Americans Elect is a corporation that wants to run its very own national online vote to nominate a president in less than five months. Is the Americans Elect online voting system ready to perform as any voting system must? Is it secure? Is it safe? Is it verifiable? Does the voting technology actually register votes?

Four days ago, I tried to use the Americans Elect voting system as it’s currently deployed, in an ongoing vote on questions to be asked of Americans Elect’s presidential candidates. I tried voting at different times, using different computers and even different internet browsers, but the voting system wouldn’t register any of my vote choices. You can see video of my attempt here.

Three days ago, the glitch in Americans Elect’s voting system appeared to be fixed, and the system was able to register my voting choices again.

Today, Americans Elect’s voting system is broken again:

Less than five months to go until that first-ever online national presidential nomination is scheduled to begin. To make its online democracy workable, Americans Elect is going to have to innovate, successfully, fast.

One thought on “Americans Elect Voting System Still Broken with”

  1. Walter Renninghoff says:

    I am puzzled, that the ‘top matches’ are almost all Republicans and their positions seem to be a far removed from what I stand for. When I answered the questions I usually identified with the vast majority of my countrymen. There is no way on the website to get back to how other people answered and compare that to the answers of the ‘top matching’ candidates.

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