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Americans Elect Leaders: Bylaws are Set Up to Constrain Democracy, Favor Certain Candidates

In less than 5 months time, the 501c4 corporation called Americans Elect will start holding its rounds of online voting in which candidates for President of the United States will vie for Americans Elect’s nomination and its 50-state ballot access. But before the first online vote is cast, the Americans Elect corporate board and its subsidiary committees will have the authority to decertify aspiring presidential tickets they don’t like for having what the AE corporation considers to be inappropriate backgrounds and inappropriate ideologies. It’s all spelled out in Americans Elect’s bylaws.

In a significant scoop, reporter Jonathan Tilove has recorded two Americans Elect leaders admitting that this is exactly what the Americans Elect bylaws are set up to do. Says Americans Elect Director Dennis Blair, “The bylaws were set up in a way that gives me confidence that we’ll have a candidate who I would be able to support.” Further clarifies Americans Elect leader Will Marshall, “It’s important to say that it is a guided effort, not just an unguided democratic missile. There will be rules designed to prevent it from being commandeered by ideologues”.

There you have it from the mouths of Americans Elect’s leadership: there’ll be no unguided democratic missile at Americans Elect, blowing up the well-laid plans of corporate leadership with the dangerous weapon of what the American people actually want. It’ll all be guided from the top to prevent the emergence of that radical, explosive element called democracy.

If the Americans Elect nomination process is not a democracy, if its rules are laid out to ensure that AE corporate leaders get the sort of nominee they have in mind, then what do we call it? What’s the word for that?

4 thoughts on “Americans Elect Leaders: Bylaws are Set Up to Constrain Democracy, Favor Certain Candidates”

  1. Juniper says:

    The words I’d use would certainly include “idealogue”. Dennis Blair’s personal ideology will lead him to veto any candidate who defies his ideology. That’s not any kind of process I want to participate in.

  2. Lee Mortimer says:

    It should come as no great surprise to anyone that AE has as its main goal to nominate a ticket that fits roughly into the middle of the political spectrum between Obama and whoever the Republicans nominate. We’ve known since the bylaws were issued in July that AE reserved the right to intervene if the delegates were to nominate a ticket that leaned too far left or too far right.

    The fact that AE is a “guided effort” should be reassuring to those concerned about a “spoiler” candidacy that might siphon votes from Obama and throw the election to the Republicans. Assuming AE is serious in holding to a “moderate, centrist” ticket, it should draw fairly evenly from Obama and his Republican opponent and give voters confidence that they won’t be contributing to a spoiler outcome.

    That “radical, explosive element called democracy” will take place. On Nov. 6, 2012, we have the opportunity to make our decision on the AE-nominated ticket. And if we decide to reject it, we can vote instead for the Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green or whatever other presidential tickets make it onto the ballot.

  3. Brad M. says:


    What is Blair’s personal ideoology?

  4. Joe Firestone says:

    I think Sukarno used to call it “Guided Democracy.” But many others just call it “plutocracy” or “oligarchy.” And, if the elite making the decisions is deciding things to favor the interests of corporations, then still others call it “Fascism,” especially when it’s accompanied by laws that say that the President can detain citizens indefinitely if he deems them to be a danger to the State.

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