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After Buddy Roemer Announces, who’s listening to whom? Americans Elect Twitter Network, 12-2011

Time 1. Buddy Roemer makes an appearance at an Americans Elect promotional event.

Time 2. Americans Elect presents its finding that Buddy Roemer is the American politician who has the best “National Match” with the will of the American people.

Time 3. Buddy Roemer announces that he will be running for nomination as President of the United States under the Americans Elect corporate-party banner.

Since Roemer’s announcement of a switch to Americans Elect on the evening of November 30, who’s been talking about Americans Elect and who’s been listening?

To answer that question, I’ve used the free software package NodeXL to scour the records of all posts on Twitter mentioning “Americans Elect” between December 1 and today, December 3. The graph below features arrows when someone refers to another Twitter user and Americans Elect, and features a cycle when someone retweets another person’s Twitter post on Americans Elect.

Sociogram of Mentions (arrows) and Retweets (cycles) of Twitter posts containing the phrase "Americans Elect," from December 1 to December 3 2011

That fellow you see left of center who’s raising his fist is Buddy Roemer, whose announcement has been referred to by a number of tweeters. The big fat question mark sitting right of center is the Americans Elect Twitter account, and as you can see a significant number of people have made reference both to Buddy Roemer and Americans Elect in the last few days. There are a number of other social media players regarding Americans Elect over the last few days:, the New Orleans Times-Picayune, whose story by Jonathan Tilove broke the news of Roemer’s official engagement with the Americans Elect corporation.

The Economist [the big E in red] has received socially isolated but numerous mentions on Twitter for its fairly generic UK introduction of the Americans Elect concept.

Micah Sifry [the small fellow in front of a powerpoint] this week called Roemer’s Americans Elect announcement “a lot more interesting” than what’s passed for drama in the 2012 election so far — you may recall that Sifry was one of the first critical voices to speak out on Americans Elect this summer.

Dave Weigel [the big face] is a Slate columnist who shared the text of Buddy Roemer’s announcement with his readers.

Mike Memoli [green diamond] is a reporter for the LA Times and Chicago Tribune who also shared news of the Roemer announcement.

The Fix [blue diamond] is the pseudonym of Chris Cillizza, a political columnist for the Washington Post. He retweeted Memoli’s posting about Roemer’s announcement, and his mentioned 10 more mentions in turn.

There are 136 other people who’ve written about Americans Elect on Twitter between December 1 and now, but their words haven’t elicited a mention or a retweet. They don’t even show up on this graph.

With the exception of Sifry, the big players in the social media tango featuring Americans Elect and its new partner Buddy Roemer are affiliated with traditional media outlets. While professional journalists like Bill Keller and professional public relations groups like No Labels worry about the impact of writers sitting in their basements eating Cheetos, they can rest assured that their hired peers are still driving the political conversation.

One thought on “After Buddy Roemer Announces, who’s listening to whom? Americans Elect Twitter Network, 12-2011”

  1. Tom says:

    from above:

    The notable aspect of this Presidential race is how little relationship the campaigns of the Republicans and President Obama bear to the real problems facing most voters and to the structural problems from the Eurozone crisis and the housing debt overhang. Normally in the Presidential race one talks about pressing issues. So far in 2012, not so much.

    If Rocky Anderson gets serious and organized, and the Eurozone continues to unwind, the 2012 election may yet become an interesting contest where pressing problems are debated, not ignored.

    Stoller backin’ you up on the Anderson campaign . . .

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