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Americans Elect’s Top National Matches actually Aren’t its Top National Matches: Huntsman?

While Americans Elect keeps telling people that it doesn’t favor any presidential candidates in its nominating process, it has:

1. Rated Buddy Roemer as its top “national match” based on a curiously error-prone profile that appeared shortly after a Roemer-Americans Elect joint appearance and shortly before Roemer became the first candidate to announce he would be running for President under the Americans Elect banner.

2. Selected each and every one of its other top “Select Nine” from the ranks of the Republican party, including Rep. Allen West, famous for his campaign speech deriding the idea of religious coexistence as offensive.

3. Rated down Barack Obama for extremist policy positions he very clearly does not actually hold, errors that place Obama curiously just a few points below Americans Elect’s Select Nine.

Let’s take a further look today. Go visit the web page featuring Americans Elect’s Select Nine, listed prominently as the “Top National Matches:”

Americans Elect Select Nine Top National Matches as of December 5 2011: Buddy Roemer, Dennis Ross, Trey Gowdy, Allen West, Ron Paul, Steve Stivers, Gary Johnson, Mike Pompeo, Ann Marie Buerkle.  All Republicans.

Now head a bit further down the page to find another listing of the “Top National Matches:”

Second Listing of the Top National Matches with sub-area detail.  What's Jon Huntsman doing in there?

Although it’s given the heading of “Top National Matches,” this second list of four politicians does not actually contain the Top National Matches as determined by Americans Elect elsewhere. It appears to only include politicians who have declared themselves to be candidates for President of the United States in 2012. But even within that list, you should have noticed Jon Huntsman’s smiling face as an anomaly.

Jon Huntsman? What’s Jon Huntsman doing in there? Yet another Republican, Huntsman is listed as one of the top four “National Matches” to be promoted by Americans Elect, but another one of the Republican presidential candidates, Gary Johnson, has a higher ranking than he does. Even by its own flawed ratings system, Johnson should be included on this list and Jon Huntsman should be budged down. Furthermore, if the factual errors in Americans Elect’s rating of Barack Obama were fixed, Obama would rate higher than Huntsman, budging him entirely out of this list of the top 4.

But Jon Huntsman is there. Why is Huntsman there? Who decided to put Jon Huntsman in this list as a “Top National Match” when he is not actually in that group? Why is Gary Johnson kicked out to make room for Huntsman? Americans Elect doesn’t say why. It’s just another in an increasingly long line of curious choices.

In other news, did I mention that a Republican member of the Board of Directors of Americans Elect has been asking Jon Huntsman to run for President under the Americans Elect banner? Another curious thing, that.

7 thoughts on “Americans Elect’s Top National Matches actually Aren’t its Top National Matches: Huntsman?”

  1. Peregrin Wood says:

    Ann Buerkle?!? She’s a one-term right wing extremist who barely won even her Republican-leaning congressional district in rural upstate New York! What kind of crazy system is this that Americans Elect is using?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      And Steve Stivers is a banking lobbyist. Oh, it’s a very interesting list.

  2. DL Wilcox says:

    Thank you for staying on top of Americans Elect. Keep their feet to the fire of scrutiny. AE if you’re listening your process needs to be more transparent and less partisan.

  3. cfw138 says:

    Be very cautious of Americans Elect. There is a great possibility that this is a website created by the Fiscal Right (1%) to to capture the votes of the Progressive Left, thereby splitting the Democratic vote and handing the election to the wealthy Republicans. Don’t take my word for it, check out the affiliations of their board of directors. It is a 501c and not divulging their initial contributors. Doug Schoen is a Fox News contributor and with others are trying to deceive the electorate.

    The questions asked by the Americans Elect web site and then answered by those registered with Americans Elect under the catagory “Clolors” (What are the Crucial Issues Facing Our Nation) are used to formulate a strategy for the Republicans and Libertarians to campaigne against the Liberals and Democrats.

    1. Joe Firestone says:

      I know. I’m co-author of this piece:

    2. Hooligan says:

      I don’t buy the idea that liberals would line up to vote for right-wing Republicans. You guys need to put down the crack pipe.

  4. Joe Firestone says:

    Americans Elect is so clearly a vehicle of the 1% that I can’t believe anyone would take them seriously as a viable third party vehicle. Why would anyone want another party that will represent the 1%? Why would anyone think that the problem with America is a partisan left-right split, when it’s obviously about a split between the unrepresented “haves” and the rapidly increasing group of “have-nots”?

    Buddy Roemer’s either been gulled or he’s another who never looks behind the screen to see the wizard.

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