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Promoting The Spiritualism Of Christmas

The season has arrived for lectures about the real meaning of Christmas. Columnist Darlene Vann offered her contribution to this sanctimonious effort this week by writing, “I don’t mind celebrating Jesus’ birth which was the original idea behind this whole thing. What I do mind is all the falderal that comes with the season.”

What does Vann suggest as an alternative to the falderal of Christmas? “Let’s stop with the materialism of Christmas in favor of the spiritualism of the holidays.”

Does Darlene Vann really want a spiritualist Christmas?

Spiritualism is a religion, a century and a half old, that purports that the spirits of dead people persist, and can be contacted during seances.

santa and an elf at a seance

One thought on “Promoting The Spiritualism Of Christmas”

  1. Tom says:

    Sorta like the Nightmare Before Christmas idea, oooooh i like it!

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