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Occupy Norfolk Protests December 14 against new Indefinite Detention Law

If you’ve been paying attention, you know about S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011. You know that the House and Senate have passed it. You know that if Barack Obama signs it when it reaches his desk in a few days, the legislation will become the law of the land. And you know that if the stodgy, conservative, authoritarian stuffed-shirt Forbes magazine has this to say about it, something must be seriously wrong:

The National Defense Authorization Act is the Greatest Threat to Civil Liberties Americans Face

If Obama does one thing for the remainder of his presidency let it be a veto of the National Defense Authorization Act – a law recently passed by the Senate which would place domestic terror investigations and interrogations into the hands of the military and which would open the door for trial-free, indefinite detention of anyone, including American citizens, so long as the government calls them terrorists.

So much for innocent until proven guilty. So much for limited government. What Americans are now facing is quite literally the end of the line. We will either uphold the freedoms baked into our Constitutional Republic, or we will scrap the entire project in the name of security as we wage, endlessly, this futile, costly, and ultimately self-defeating War on Terror.

In Norfolk, Virginia, Occupy activists aren’t letting this legislation slip quietly into law. They’re holding a protest all day long on Wednesday, December 14, starting in Norfolk’s Commercial Plaza, marching through downtown Norfolk, and ending up at Senator Mark Warner’s office. With every inch they tread, they’ll be protesting the new plan for indefinite detention in America.

Do you know of any other place in the nation where protests of S. 1867 are scheduled? Leave a comment and let everybody know.

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