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Irregular Times Donation: Humanist Crisis Response Horn of Africa Project

We sell American-made political shirts to keep Irregular Times going because shirts made in other countries are notorious for noxious sweatshop labor conditions, not because we’re xenophobes. We believe strongly that money should flow to parts of the world where people are living in desperate poverty, and so for every shirt we sell we pledge to send a dollar for relief of desperate conditions overseas.

Unfortunately, a lot of relief charities use their distribution of largesse to press sectarian religious beliefs onto people in need. We try to avoid those groups. Instead, this month we’ve donated funds to the Humanist Crisis Response of the Foundation Beyond Belief, which is an organization of non-religious people seeking to help their fellow human beings. The Humanist Crisis Reponse is currently working to ameliorate famine in the Horn of Africa where Ethiopia, Eritraea and Somalia meet. We’re grateful for the work of the Foundation Beyond Belief; if you have money to spare we encourage you to give what you can.

2 thoughts on “Irregular Times Donation: Humanist Crisis Response Horn of Africa Project”

  1. Tom says:

    Not that i have any money to spare, but i’m always a bit skeptical of foundations that take the donated money and use most of it for “administration” and send a few pennies on the dollar to actually help. Secondly, how the hell is anyone supposed to fight DROUGHT? Can your money make it rain?

    Again, i’m not anti-giving, but just need a few details filled in before i send money i don’t have.

    Thanks for highlighting worthy groups that do good work and for your participation on the behalf of folks truly in need.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      On the FBB’s website, there’s an “About” page you can check out. It includes this financial statement for 2010, indicating:

      1. The director is paid $15,200 a year.
      2. All administration costs, including salaries, are paid from grant money and one-time donations people have made specifically to cover those costs. All money donated to Foundation Beyond Belief to help people goes directly to those causes without a penny taken away by FBB.

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