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Irregular Times Political Donation: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

As Irregular Times writers, we’ve pledged to donate a dollar to international relief for every shirt we sell, but we also donate another dollar to good political causes within American borders. Our donation this month isn’t headed to some Democratic politician. For years the Democrats convinced us to vote them into office on the premise that they’d respect the Bill of Rights, defend human dignity and put an end to indefinite detention without charges. This week, Democrats overwhelmingly sided with the Republicans to legalize indefinite detention without charges. For years the Democrats convinced us to send them campaign contributions with the promise that they’d level the economic playing field and stop the era of special breaks for fatcat billionaires. This week Democrats caved in and told the billionaires they could keep their tax breaks.

If you can’t depend on Democratic Party politicians, who can you depend on? When it comes to defending the Bill of Rights, you can depend on the ACLU to do the research, dig up abuses and effectively advocate for constitutional protections. We’ve given to them in the past and will do so again in the future. When it comes to articulating the policy needs of low-income families in America, you can depend on the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Ever since the Reagan years, the CBPP has been staffed with rigorous statisticians and economists whose…

what, did I lose you with that last phrase? Well hang on.

… whose work is infused with the goal of making sure the federal budget and federal policies do right by Americans with low and moderate incomes.

For 30 years, CBPP has been doing the thorough, detailed, accurate work necessary for people to push for a fairer economy, fairer policy and a fairer budget. That may sound boring, but it’s the sort of detail that a movement for the 99% needs. That’s why this time aound we’re sending a few bucks to the CBPP.

P.S. Even if you don’t donate to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities this season, by all means check out their reports. I particularly like this one debunking the “51% of Americans pay no taxes” myth.

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