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Americans Elect finally reveals Reason for keeping Donors’ Names Secret: Americans would Talk about Them

At long last, the privatized presidential nomination called Americans Elect has explained why it is keeping the names of its big money donors a secret from the public. Their reason: if the public knew their names, Americans might say something that would hurt the donors’ feelings.

I’m not kidding. That’s the entire reason.

Dave Weigel at Slate shares the content of today’s media-insider conference call:

I fell behind in the queue to Ken Vogel, Politico’s dogged money and politics reporter, one of the most vicious follow-up-ers on the planet. He dragged the AE leadership into a fascinating defense of their 501c4 status and decision not to disclose donors.

“The folks running Americans Elect, they don’t know who the donors are,” said Sragow, defending the secrecy. Another AE leader contradicted this a little bit. “I’ve participated in some of the meetings where people won’t sign because of fear of retribution,” he said. “We can have complete disclosure and fail, or we can succeed.”

But hang on: What sort of retribution were we talking about? “My father, Peter Ackerman,” offered the group’s COO Elliot Ackerman. “He’s been mischaracterized in the press frequently.”

Sragow wasn’t about to let this suggestion fly — this idea that working with AE wasn’t dangerous. “Don’t suggest that there is no retribution,” he said. “Nobody who’s spent 10 minutes in politics could think that.” He’d been vilified for participating in the group. He’d been attacked and insulted. “Fortunately, in this country, we don’t use molotov cocktails literally,” he said. “We use them figuratively.”

Darry Sragow (the Political Director for Americans Elect) has not had a molotov cocktail thrown through his window.
Darry Sragow has not been attacked.
Darry Sragow has been verbally criticized.

If verbal criticism of donors is what Darry Sragow wants to prevent by keeping donors’ names a secret, then he’s earned that criticism. Taking public action involves public response. That’s what democracy is. Americans Elect doesn’t want democracy. It wants a new aristocracy.

2 thoughts on “Americans Elect finally reveals Reason for keeping Donors’ Names Secret: Americans would Talk about Them”

  1. Solomon Kleinsmith says:

    This really is American Elect’s Achilles Heal. There is no good answer to why they chose to go as a 501c4. I’ve heard other excuses, like they didn’t want to be mistakes as a party, for why they didn’t go 527 (you don’t have to be a party to be a 527, so that’s a stupid argument on its face) and their excuses are just plain transparent BS on why they don’t choose to open their books. I’m sure it’s the same as any other such untransparent org – the donors told them they wouldn’t give unless they would not be made public.

    Truly bad call on their part. I’m sure it would hurt their initial fundraising, but it’s going to hurt them far more in the long run by going this route. Even some of their biggest fans (myself among them, and other AE volunteers I’ve talked to) refuse to accept their lame excuses on this issue.

    1. Lns says:

      I commend you on your words. If you were volunteering for something, it would be nice to know whom you are working for. With the level of rampant bankrupt political posturing that pervades our current system, I would want to know I am not being used to further an agenda I did not intend.

      Keep pushing for the truth.

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