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The Problem of Donald Trump for Americans Elect: What Ideology is Me?

Donald Trump’s hired political spokesman, Michael Cohen, is making the rounds to news outlets in order to let it be known that Donald Trump is thinking hard about running for President under the banner of Americans Elect. Says Cohen on behalf of his boss:

“Couple Donald Trump’s name recognition with his extraordinary wealth and Americans Elect truly becomes a viable force in determining who the next president will be. One thing is for certain, Donald Trump is adamant that Barack Obama must be defeated in 2012 under any circumstances.”

Americans Elect already has extraordinary wealth thanks to its unnamed benefactors, but with Donald Trump, everything gets extraordinarier. It’d be a .01%-.01% ticket.

There’s only one problem: Rule 8.0 for the Americans Elect online convention specifies that “The Presidential and Vice Presidential ticket nominated by Americans Elect shall, as nearly as practicable, consist of persons of differing ideological perspective”. The corporate-selected “Candidate Certification Committee shall determine whether any proposed ticket is balanced by reference to candidates’ responses to the Platform of Questions”. But how will the Candidate Certification Committee classify Donald Trump’s ideology? What ideology is “Me”?

16 thoughts on “The Problem of Donald Trump for Americans Elect: What Ideology is Me?”

  1. jacob says:

    Having Trump run would almost assure an Obama win. It would be just like Perrot. Split the GOP votes across 2 candidates and the Democrate has a far greater chance of winning.

    Seems like a bone head move

    1. J. Clifford says:

      You mean, it seems like just the sort of thing Trump would do?

      Of course, the situation is a bit more complex than what you say it is. There are also liberal presidential candidates challenging Barack Obama, given his dramatic shift to the Right. Examples: Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson ( ) and Green Party candidate Jill Stein ( ).

      Remember, we don’t have a two party system. We have a multiparty system, and the ability for candidates to run without any political party at all. The vote is “split” when there’s a choice – and choice is a good thing in a democracy.

      1. jacob says:

        Anderson and Stein dont have near the name recognition and 90% of the population will have no idea who they are. In reality this is more than a 2 party system, but in practice not so much. When people go to the polls very few of us know anything about the other 8-10 people on the ballot. The sad reality is that most of America considers the President to be a 2 hourse race.

        1. Peregrin Wood says:

          It’s all a matter of perspective, Jacob. Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein don’t have the massive negative associations that Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have. If voters are ignorant, that’s due to their laziness, because there is plenty of information about Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson available, if people only take 5 minutes to look.

          The point is that there is no reason to assert that Donald Trump would “split the vote” that’s against Obama, because that presumes that there is a pre-existing unified anti-Obama vote. In fact, anti-Obama voters come from many perspectives, from far right to far left. I’d rather see that diversity reflected through many choices, than to see the the electorate condensed into only two categories that are so general that they don’t accurately match many voters’ ideals well at all.

    2. Paulie says:

      Exit polling showed 38% of Perot voters would have voted for Clinton and 38% would have voted for Bush has Perot not run. The rest would have voted for another third party or not voted at all. Perot helping Clinton win is a complete myth with no basis whatsoever in reality.

      Trump as AE could deny any candidate an electoral college majority, which would send it to the US House – currently dominated by Republicans. That may in fact be the only way Romney could beat Obama.

      Also, Trump (or Bloomberg, or Patraeus, etc) could actually win the presidency as the AE nominee. Perot led both Bush and Clinton in early polls before he dropped out and then back in. And the level of disgust with the Democrats and Republicans has only grown since then.

      1. aurora1920 says:

        Paulie you are an astute observer!! I confess I hadn’t thought about possibility of throwing election into the Republican House. And I don’t think the virulent Republicans I see blogging (take a look at American Thinker) have thought of it–they’re convinced AmericansElect is an Obama plot to steal the election and pervert the electoral process.

        The possibilities for unintended consequence are staggering.

        Want to say also I appreciate Jim Cook’s brief and interesting critical blogs–last sentences in this one are priceless! There’s potential for stand-up comedy satirizing that Candidate Certification Committee.

  2. J. Clifford says:

    Seriously, I’d like to know this: Is Donald Trump a big contributor to Americans Elect or not? Why won’t Americans Elect let us know whether this is true?

  3. Bill says:

    It is hard to imagine a more desirable result (for me, at least) than Trump getting the AECorp nomination. A true clown, running in a real circus, getting a solid lock on the buffoon vote. Nothing else could neutralize the AECorp threat so effectively.
    Go Donny, go!

    1. aurora1920 says:

      Categorizing all 3d party voters as buffoons will get you exactly nowhere. We’re used to abuse! Telling us we’re wasting our voe is equally ineffective–wasting your vote is voting against your own principles or staying home altogether. Always voting for a major party is how we got the 2-party oligarchy that’s given us our disastrous trade policy and economic situation and our bought and paid for Congress.

      I’m in AE to support Buddy Roemer. I persist in believing having Trump flirt with or actually enter AE will be GOOD because it will publicize a kind of esoteric creation. Those who loathe Trump will sign up and add to the total # of “delegates”–all to the good.

      I WANT a “revolution” in our electoral process and AE offers that.

      Ron Paul IMO has far better chance of winning that 3d party designation of AE than Donald Trump. With Paul’s kind of supporters, you can bet Ron Paul will be IN AE–they never give up and they don’t care if they get elected. They relish their role as “influencer” and certainly are that.

      1. Junga says:

        Americans Elect does not offer a revolution in our electoral process. It co-opts people seeking change, and re-routes their energy into establishing a status quo controlled by Wall Street.

        1. Lns says:

          Exactly. A bunch of insiders working the AE for Pres. and No Labels on the Congress. If they were sincere, they would be transparent. They reserve the right to pick who they want and they also have a pledge that rivals and then surpasses Norquist.

      2. Lns says:

        It sounds like your heart is in the right place, but don’t hold your breathe with these people. They have set it up in a rigged fashion that allows these people the to avoid the the excruciating day-to-day admonishments, fact or fiction, from research or spin, that ever other candidate is subjected to? IMHO, it is just a back door way to rig the game.

  4. Paulie says:

    Trying one more time to link this back to my discussion of the same topic at IPR:

    1. Jim Cook says:


      Sorry, did that get caught in our spam filter? Happens some times automatically if that’s what it was — not intended.

      Nice sum-up of recent ballot access campaigns by Americans Elect in your article, Paulie. Thanks.

  5. Solomon Kleinsmith says:

    No way the board allows Trump to run.

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