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Iowa Occupy Protesters Demand Obama End Links With Wall Street and Homeland Insecurity

Yesterday, Occupy The Caucuses protesters in Des Moines, Iowa protested against Mitt Romney and Wells Fargo. Today, the group targeted Barack Obama and the Iowa Democratic Party.

Occupy The Caucuses protesters held a nonviolent sit-in protest at the Iowa Democratic Party headquarters. They issued for concrete policy demands for Barack Obama:

“1. Ease the mortgage crisis by ending foreclosures
2. Stop accepting campaign contributions from Wall Street
3. Restore civil liberties by ending indefinite detentions
4. Finally step up as President and start listening to the issues of the 99% instead of the issues of Wall Street”

Who would have thought, four years ago, that protesters would have to demand from Barack Obama that he end his new policy of indefinite imprisonment of Americans without trial? That’s what’s happening, as Barack Obama is refusing to listen to rank and file Democrats who oppose the National Defense Authorization Act that Obama is preparing to sign into law.

The Iowa Democratic Party is also refusing to listen to the 99 percent. Sue Dvorsky, the chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, told people today that the Iowa Democrats will not talk with protesters any time soon. She says that protesters have to wait until national attention has left Iowa, after the Iowa caucuses. She also says that protesters shouldn’t come to the Iowa Democratic headquarters expecting to be heard. In other words, she wants liberal protesters to remain in the shadows.

That’s the same request that the national Democratic Party has been making of liberals for four years, telling us that our values will be represented, if we just sit down and shut up and stop complaining. Liberal America isn’t believing that promise any more, and liberal America isn’t believing in the Democratic Party any more either.

2 thoughts on “Iowa Occupy Protesters Demand Obama End Links With Wall Street and Homeland Insecurity”

  1. Tom says:

    This should be a pre-req going forward. Get rid of the big money influence so we can actually solve some of our problems. Homeland security should be dismantled.

  2. Tom says:

    This says it a little better than the above comment.

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