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The Mystery Of Thousands Of Dollars For Makeup and Costumes Supporting Ron Paul

This afternoon brings us an absolutely fabulous mystery about the 2012 Ron Paul for President campaign. This afternoon, Endorse Liberty Inc., a political action committee organized by Abraham D. Niederhauser, a businessman who has made his fortune fighting bad breath, joined by an unknown person named Chris Hanson, were involved in a set independent expenditures to benefit Ron Paul.

costume and makeup independent expenditure endorse libertyThousands of dollars were spent.

The money was spent on “Costumes and Makeup”.

Like most Americans, I have spent a little bit of money on costumes and makeup – for Halloween. I’ve never spent any money for costumes and makeup for a presidential election, though.

I’ve also never had to spend anything more than 50 dollars or so for my Halloween costumes and makeup.

What on earth was this curious organization, Endorse Liberty Inc., getting in exchange for thousands of dollars worth of costumes and makeup?

How did buying thousands of dollars of makeup and costumes help the Ron Paul for President campaign?

15 thoughts on “The Mystery Of Thousands Of Dollars For Makeup and Costumes Supporting Ron Paul”

  1. CAFM says:

    Is this a sarcasm page like the “Onion”? This is the silliest story ever. ROTFLOL

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      If only this were sarcasm. No, seriously, the Endorse Liberty PAC spent thousands of dollars on makeup and costumes, supposedly to benefit the Ron Paul for President campaign. It’s a matter of public record with the FEC.

      Darling, I just can’t imagine how these wardrobes of fabulous outfits and eye liner helped Ron Paul. Can you think of a scenario?

      1. Anonymous says:

        For the several tv commercials they have produced?

      2. lysengroyl frakas says:

        yall are idiots
        “costumes and makeup” is referring to wardrobe and everyone knows that RP is on the road a lot and has a large crew with him, so, naturally, they need changes of clothes for their constant public appearances. the makeup part is obviously for television interviews.
        also, costumes include stage props, like the huge banners that you see behind RP during his speeches and whatnot

        1. F.G. Fitzer says:

          Actually, lysengroyl, anyone who’s not an idiot knows that it’s illegal for super PACs to coordinate their independent expenditures with federal candidates’ campaigns. The spending you describe would place Ron Paul in very hot water.

          Oops. I forgot to put the word “yall” in there. Darn it, it’s too late for me type in a contrived folksy voice through my computer keyboard.

  2. longtail says:

    This Republican campaign will get really funky when the costumes come out. I’m getting my first right wing induced queasy felling of the year.

  3. Evan says:

    I don’t think money spent on costumes and makeup is really all that odd considering the budget for producing advertisements. With all the television spots, there will absolutely be a need for a particular look and feel; this means a need for costume and makeup. Not much of a mystery at all really.

  4. Endorse Liberty says:

    We loved your blog post, and wanted to help solve the mystery.

    Visit for details on how we used the makeup and costumes. We’ll be releasing a series of fun videos like that.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      If you loved this article, I’m glad.

      We would love it if you would tell America who the big money donors to Endorse Liberty Inc. are.

      Where does your money come from? Corporate executives who will profit from Ron Paul’s attempts to eliminate environmental protections? Wall Street hedge fund managers? White supremacists?

      Could be!

      We can’t know.

      Why is Endorse Liberty avoiding accountability by keeping its donors secret?

      1. kevin says:

        You know nothing about Mr. Paul if you think he is getting money from hedge fund managers. I mean truly laughable how absurd that question is. Perhapes you should look at the superpacs that fund obama and ask them hard questions? You do know that Obama recieved the most funds from wall street banks back in his 08 campaign didn’t you?

  5. Jake Witmer says:

    The website I link to above explains Ron Paul’s donations. here’s the URL:

    1. Evan says:

      Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Honey sweets, compare the dates on the January 2012 Politico article and this December 2011 Irregular Times article. F.G. was asking questions about the outfit before Politico published its findings.

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