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Bernie Sanders within 50 of knocking Buddy Roemer off Americans Elect Preferred List. What Next?

Americans Elect, the privatized presidential nominating corporation, has made a point of giving Buddy Roemer favor since it started tracking presidential contenders two months ago. Roemer got the official “Top National Match” spot with prominent mention and an extra-large glowing graphic shortly after Roemer made an appearance at an Americans Elect event and shortly before he announced he’d run in the Americans Elect corporate system. This sort of prominent placement is the tactic Barnes and Noble uses to sell certain books after getting a payoff from publishers.

But despite its action to prominently place Roemer, Buddy Roemer hasn’t been popular with the actual people who visit Americans Elect and are asked to track him. As of today, fewer than 2 thousand people have done so, making him the 4th most tracked presidential contender. Coincidentally, Americans Elect has decided to list and give preferential placement to its 4 most tracked contenders on its Candidates web page:

The Four Most Tracked Americans Elect Presidential Contenders, December 31 2011

But even that hasn’t been able to boost Buddy Roemer’s tracking numbers appreciably. In recent weeks, Senator Bernie Sanders, who isn’t getting that special promotion, has been gaining on Roemer nevertheless, narrowing a lead of 500 to (as of this morning) just a lead of 50.

Unless something changes, within just a few days Bernie Sanders‘ profile will be followed by more people than are following Buddy Roemer. Watch and see what happens then. Will Americans Elect knock Buddy Roemer off its list and give Bernie Sanders the favored treatment Roemer has had for so long? Will it change the standard of promoting contenders, perhaps coming up with a top 5 list? Or will it continue to call Roemer one of its top 4? Wait and see. You won’t have to wait for long.

10 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders within 50 of knocking Buddy Roemer off Americans Elect Preferred List. What Next?”

  1. Tom says:

    Oh Boy! If AE can get their hands on Sanders they’re likely to bring in a bunch of supporters who will think Sanders will be different after being corrupted by the AE payola game and rake in a lot of donations that they can then pocket. If Sanders has any brains (or balls) at all he’ll steer clear of these clowns. He doesn’t need them but they DESPERATELY need him (to give them “legitimacy”).

  2. Tom says:

    here’s a good recap of this passed yea


  3. Tom says:

    let’s try that again:

    here’s a good recap of this passed year:

  4. Irregular Times says:

    Irregular Times needs to get a fucking life. Get the fuck over it. Someone is obviously some fatass who still lives with his mom and has never kissed a girl.

    1. Solomon Kleinsmith says:

      This guy does have an unhealthy obsession with AE, and is prone to truly moronic conspiracy theories, but saying all this junk just stoops to his level.

      1. Jim Cook says:

        “Don’t insult the moron!” Heh, heh. 😉

  5. aurora1920 says:

    I’m a Buddy Roemer supporter who is HAPPY for Jim Cook’s alerts on AE. I have not been tracking there at all — waiting for January/February. Maybe I should get started???? He’s the ONLY candidate I will support in any case.

    As to AE favorites, I think it is Huntsman and have written Christie Whitmann to complain. Both she and the Countess de Rothschild are ON THE BOARD OF AE and both openly support Huntsman. That’s who you should be targeting Jim!!

    He’s got Daddy Warbucks as a father to finance him as well. If he wins AE it’s just ANOTHER corporate globalist a la Romney and George Bush I, et cetera et cetera et cetera — the same elites who now OWN the Republican party and much of the Democratic party.

    Go Buddy Roemer!!

  6. Jon says:

    Thanks so much for these updates on how Senator Sanders is doing on AE. I hope you’ll keep them coming. Bernie is one honest elder statesmen and deserves to be heard.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Thanks for writing, Jon. I plan on offering additional updates through the time (any day now) when Senator Sanders’ tracks surpass Buddy Roemer’s and perhaps a little past that. As I mentioned in the post, he’s an interesting procedural test for Americans Elect — a candidate who is by the corporate Bylaws and Rules of Americans Elect clearly “automatically qualified” to be either a self-declared candidate or a drafted candidate, but who also does not match Americans Elect’s rhetoric about the need for a candidate from the “center.” If there is a conflict between democratic process and the sort of result Americans Elect wants, how will Americans Elect resolve the conflict? In favor of democratic process or desired result? I’m really interested to see the result.

      But after that, I’ll probably drop the thread. You can track the contenders on your own at .

  7. Lee Mortimer says:

    Does any of this matter if Bernie Sanders has no interest in and no intention of running for president under anybody’s banner?

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