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Recognizing Bernie Sanders, Americans Elect Prioritizes Democratic Process over Desired Result

Despite its early promotion of Buddy Roemer as a presidential candidate, Roemer never took off as a popular option within the Americans Elect “tracking” system, a social media widget in which people indicate their interest on the “Candidates Page”. Yesterday morning, populist independent Senator Bernie Sanders blew by Buddy Roemer to become one of the four most tracked politicians on the Americans Elect system.

Americans Elect, which aims to run the nation’s first-ever online privatized presidential nomination in just three months, could have reacted to this development in two ways. First, it could have ignored Sanders’ accelerating performance because Sanders has an ideology that doesn’t fit the Americans Elect “vital center” rhetoric. Second, it could acknowledge Sanders performance, could recognize Sanders the way it had recognized Roemer before, and could and stop promoting Buddy Roemer now that he’s out of in the Top 4. Bernie Sanders’ image has replaced Buddy Roemer’s in a fairly prominent spot.

Americans Elect has chosen the latter approach. A year ago, I asked “Which element of the Americans Elect plan – democratic process or centrist result – has a higher priority?” This week’s action suggests that Americans Elect may be willing to respect democratic choices, even those its leaders don’t agree with. This is a positive move for an organization that has raised many doubts.

14 thoughts on “Recognizing Bernie Sanders, Americans Elect Prioritizes Democratic Process over Desired Result”

  1. Michael D. Ballantine says:

    For now, the Americans Elect movement is a democratic process. Let’s reevaluate in November when the election is over.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Oh, okay, Michael. Let’s suspend judgment on the other political parties too, then. Let’s re-evaluate the Republican Party only after the election is over, and we’ll wait to make any decisions on the Democratic Party too. How does that strike you?

      1. Michael D. Ballantine says:

        How can you evaluate something that has no history or track record. You might as well throw darts. Nobody knows what is going to happen. Instead of looking for sinister motives, let’s just let it unfold and then pass judgment. If they are on the up and up, we will see that. If they are just another controlled party, we will see that as well. I’m just saying, let’s see how it plays out because it’s not like there is another option.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      For the record, Michael D. Ballantine is running for president under the Americans Elect banner. He has a stake in the process.

  2. Tom says:

    Yeah, ignore all those warning signs and gut feelings and just let it play out – ie. let them foist their little experiment on you despite it being crooked and non-transparent – then you’ll be able to ACTUALLY TELL that they were corrupted by big money like the other two feckless parties. Politics in this country is a non-issue since we are no longer a democracy.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Well, it appears they were squatting, Tom, so that particular situation is a bit complicated.

  3. Richard Winger says:

    Americans Elect now has procedures by which delegates can verify their identity and also make it possible for Americans Elect to know that the delegate is a registered voter. Ballot Access News (my blog) further explains this in a post of January 5.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Don’t believe this organization…, I truly believe it to be a cover-up for the Dems trying to split the Republican ticket so their beloved can be re-elected this November. All you have to do is go to their sight and see who is supporting this group. Buyers beware!!!!

      1. vernon trigg says:

        a vote made for the third party will make a crap cake, to be served to the american people. if you vote that way i invite you to have a peace…

  4. Mark B. says:

    A note on the favored candidates at AE:

    About a week ago I noted there were 51 pages of track-able figures, and so I tallied up the number of people tracking Democrats (including Sanders and Lieberman) and the number tracking Republicans.

    The folks supporting top 51 most tracked support Republicans by a margin of 58-42 percent. Those supporting the top 51 figures listed alphabetically support Democrats by a margin of 75-24 percent, not counting two Supreme Court justices and Rocky Anderson in the totals.

    1. Mark B. says:

      That should be 75-25, if anyone cares.

    2. Jim says:

      Mark, I am paying attention. Thanks for your note.

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