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New Hampshire Activists Reveal The Schedules Of Republican Candidates

A few minutes from now, Rick Santorum will be appearing at the Northfield / Tilton Town Hall at 257 Main Street in Tilton, New Hampshire. Then, at 1:00 this afternoon, Santorum is scheduled to walk in to the Tilt’n Diner, to have lunch in an effort to appear folksy.

gop elephant buttonAt 3:30 PM, Santorum will have a campaign event at the Concord Town Hall. His final appearance will be at 7:00 PM, at the Windham Town Hall.

I don’t know about these events because I have an inside source in Santorum’s presidential campaign. I know where Santorum will be today because New Hampshire Citizen Action has assembled a bird dog list of all the appearances of all the Republican presidential candidates. The list has been made available so that activists know where to place their protests.

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