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Occupy Movement Deploys its own Social Network: Occupii

In the autumn of 2011, the Occupy movement faced social media difficulties as Yahoo blocked users from receiving messages featuring the words “Occupy Wall Street.” Google has removed websites for offending the sensibilities of hostile state. What to do? In January 2012, the Occupy movement has engineered its own solution. Say hello to Occupy’s own social media experiment, named occupii. Those who sign up can join groups, write blogs, share videos or photos and post notice of activist events.

Occupii started up on Friday, December 30, and membership is expanding fairly quickly. By the 3rd of January, there were 1200 members, and today there are over 2000. The social network started up in the UK, but membership in the American group has quickly surpassed membership in the Occupy UK group.

6 thoughts on “Occupy Movement Deploys its own Social Network: Occupii”

  1. Tom says:

    i’m signing up (even though this could make me a terrerriss).

    1. J. Clifford says:

      We’ve signed up with an account as Irregular Times, so search for us there under that name, and we’ll be happy to make “friends” with you.

  2. Susan Sanders says:

    Thanks for all you’re doing

  3. Deborah Favorite says:

    I definitely want to be a part of this momentum. Thank you.

  4. Robert R says:

    Don’t even joke about being a terrorist .

  5. charles smith says:

    I have been working to kick off an ‘occupy’ movement for over 35 years, beginning with the blasting of the ‘moral majority’, now with publishing revalations about the connections between capitalism, slavery, and christianity, working to let everyone know that the real basic definition of slavery is being forced to work for the the wealth and fortune of someone else. Our christian-origin society does just that, work at a ‘job’ or starve, where ‘job’ and ‘slavery’ is the same thing in capitalism, and capitalism is a totalitarian construct.

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