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Darcy Richardson Running A Serious Progressive Challenge To Barack Obama

Unlike Vermin Supreme, who is running a satirical campaign for President, Darcy Richardson is running a serious presidential campaign with a direct message: Barack Obama is not a good choice for liberal Democrats.

rainbow progressive democratic challenger 2012“If you believe that America needs real progressive leadership, help us send Barack Obama a message,” says Richardson. Richardson’s policy platform includes the following positions:

– Against the XL pipeline from the Alberta tar sands across the Ogllala Aquifer down to oil refineries in Texas.
– For bringing back the Glass-Steagall Act
– For cap and trade climate legislation
– For a “capital levy on wealth”
– For a new, larger economic stimulus package
– For a new Works Progress Administration
– For the proposed constitutional amendment by Bernie Sanders to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, which allowed the current corrupt system of independent expenditures in campaign finance to begin
– For an immediate end to American involvement in the civil war in Afghanistan

Darcy Richardson is on the ballot as a Democratic presidential candidate in New Hampshire. If you’re a Democrat or a political independent looking for a solid, serious alternative to Barack Obama, Richardson would be a reasonable choice.

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