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Rocky Anderson Compares Barack Obama To Gerald Ford

Yesterday, Rocky Anderson accepted the presidential nomination of the Justice Party. In his acceptance speech, made a claim that may at first be surprising to Democrats. Rocky Anderson compared Barack Obama to Gerald Ford.

Here’s what Anderson said:

brown justice party shirt 2012“With the complicity of Republicans and Democrats in Congress, the Bush administration marched our nation off a cliff – morally, legally, and economically – by perpetrating a disastrous war of aggression against Iraq. President Obama, for his political advantage, simply shrugged off war crimes committed in conjunction with that war, with the excuse that we “need to look forward not backward.” It is a trademark reminder – in the spirit of President Ford’s ignominious pardon of Richard M. Nixon – that, in our two-tiered system of injustice, the rich and powerful are above the law, which is applied, often with a crushing vengeance, against the rest of us.”

So, how is Barack Obama like Gerald Ford? The comparison Rocky Anderson makes is apt: Like President Ford, Barack Obama helped the President who came before him evade legal responsibility for serious crimes that were committed in the White House. Just as Gerald ford let Richard Nixon off the hook, Barack Obama let George W. Bush off the hook.

For those of us who worked for years to seek accountability for George W. Bush’s crimes, Obama’s assistance to Bush, Obama’s decision to put the matter into the “past” is especially troubling, given what we’ve seen of Obama’s own willingness to put our constitutional rights aside for the sake of increasing the power of Homeland Security.

Like Darcy Richardson and Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson is a great alternative presidential candidate for liberals who are tired of having their trust betrayed by Barack Obama.

4 thoughts on “Rocky Anderson Compares Barack Obama To Gerald Ford”

  1. Tom says:

    Oh it wasn’t just Bush – his whole administration should be behind bars (Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Yoo, Beibee, Cheney, maybe even Rice) for war crimes, lying about weapons of mass destruction, profitting from war, etc. (if i’m not mistaken someone wrote an entire book on the case for prosecution of the Bush regime). Now we can add Obama to the list (especially of overstepping his bounds, not upholding the Constitution, and unjustified invasion of a sovereign nation (to start things off).

    The problem is, of course that a significant number of our legislators are up to their eyeballs in this same corruption (as is the aforementioned joke of a justice department) and won’t even begin to prosecute anyone, lest the breadcrumbs lead to their doorstep. This is the main reason that we can’t change the government back to it’s designed functionality now that the corruption is rampant and so overt. It might take another bloody revolution if the Occupy movement doesn’t work with it’s non-violent approach.

    1. roy smith says:

      Mr Barack Obama is doing very good job he puy these people back to work he is very good pren and ever thing look up

  2. Charlotte Scot says:

    You will find Rocky Anderson is a different kind of man. Rocky will be live on Dylan Ratigan Tuesday 1/17/12 4PM Eastern. They will be broadcasting from LA. Go to for links to more videos and to donate your $5. Join US.

  3. Patrick Doyle says:

    I agree and disagree. I agree with the factual premise of the article that Bush and gang that couldn’t shoot straight (especially Cheney) were criminals. However, there are times when pragmatism is a good thing. Obama had a depression to avert, two wars to manage, and a country divided into two camps: those who saw him (unrealistically) as some sort of transcendent savior, and those who saw him as the anti-Christ. Both were deluded.

    While I believe that, in an effort to restore some civility and bipartisanship to Washington, Obama failed to even TRY to enact the policies his supporters wanted (i.e. real health care reform), it is important to remember that that this is a President who cannot even pass TAX CUTS due to Republican obstructionism. Imagine just how fruitless and futile his Presidency would have been (and as a result, how much worse off America would be) if the President had wasted his political capital in an almost certainly Quixotic attempt to prosecute the Bushies.

    It would have simply been a case of sinking the ship in order to drown the rats. You take care of the rat problem true, but at what cost?

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