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Lady Lynn Forester De Rothschild Violates Americans Elect Rules With Big Money Party For Jon Huntsman

This morning, Jim Cook reported on a series of campaign efforts by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild. Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is a member of the Board of Advisors for Americans Elect. As such, she is forbidden by Americans Elect bylaws from engaging in any act to promote any presidential candidate.

Jim listed a number of campaign activities Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild has undertaken to assist the Jon Huntsman presidential effort, which Huntsman is quitting today. However, there is one additional pro-Huntsman effort: Four days ago, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild organized a fundraiser for the Jon Huntsman presidential campaign.

americans elect officer campaigning for jon huntsman

The fundraiser, held at one of the Ladyship’s homes, at 435 East 52nd Street in New York City, was a “cocktail reception” where attendees were required to contribute at least $1,000 in exchange for having drinks and hors d’ouevres with Jon Huntsman, who attended the Lady’s fundraiser himself. The money gathered at Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s cocktail party went directly to the Jon Huntsman for President campaign. The fundraising event was even given its own code by the Jon Huntsman campaign: EVNY010. Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s invitation suggested that political action committees could send someone to her party and give Jon Huntsman $5,000 a piece.

The Sunlight Foundation uncovered evidence of the event, posting a copy of the invitation to the fundraiser online. Did you not receive an invitation? Perhaps you’re not the sort that a Lady would deign to associate with.

Section 4.12 of the Americans Elect bylaws requires that the Board of Directors now punish Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild for her violation of the neutrality of Americans Elect. Her Ladyship doesn’t seem concerned, however, given that she has special elite status within Americans Elect. Besides, Lady de Rothschild appears to believe that a title of European aristocracy gives her permission to violate whatever rules she likes.

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s high society campaign fundraiser for Jon Huntsman shows that Americans Elect is no grassroots organization. The only grassroots that would have been seen at Her Ladyship’s Jon Huntsman fundraiser would have been dangling from the turf brought in by her servants to create a simulation of a pastoral scene on the balcony, so guests could see how we simple folk live.

7 thoughts on “Lady Lynn Forester De Rothschild Violates Americans Elect Rules With Big Money Party For Jon Huntsman”

  1. Jack says:

    I noticed this yesterday, but I think you’re jumping to conclusions. The bylaws of Americans Elect specify that all members of the board of directors are held to such a standard; de Rothschild is not on the board, but under the ambiguously-titled section of “leadership,” a position with no reference in either the bylaws or rules of Americans Elect. I think it just means she gave a load of money. In any case, I posted a similar question on Americans Elect’s getsatisfaction page to see if they respond.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      It’s not just members of the board of directors. It’s also all officers. In addition, Americans Elect has made statements in public to the effect that Americans Elect will be neutral broadly, not limiting themselves in these public statements to the board of directors or officers.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      Also, Jack, in this interview between Americans Elect COO Elliot Ackerman (the son of billionaire founder Peter Ackerman) and Mike Lucier, Ackerman says the Board of Advisors on which Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild most definitely sits is a functional appointment of leadership to actually participate in decisionmaking about how to run Americans Elect:

      “Lucier: Some concerns have been brought up regarding your Board of Advisors. What is their role and how are they chosen?

      Ackerman: The role of our Board of Advisors varies from media appearances to roles on committees such as our Candidate Certification Committee and our Rules Committee. The Board provides support and advice for the organization. Members were chosen based on their experience in fields such as politics and business and what they can offer in terms of guidance and direction for the organization.”

      So it’s not at trivial for Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild to be advocating for her favorite presidential candidates — not unless Elliot Ackerman isn’t telling the truth about the leadership of his organization.

      1. Jack says:

        Discomforting. I hadn’t read section 6.1, but is it beyond dispute that she’s an “officer?” In the sources I’ve seen now, she has been characterized as “leadership,” as an “advisor,” but never as any of the positions described in 6.1.

        1. Jim Cook says:


          Thanks for your thoughtful questions. You’re right that she does not appear affirmatively to be an officer. Americans Elect has not released an entire set of their officers, and the names and titles of officerships held by various people within Americans Elect leadership shift frequently, so we just don’t know for sure who holds what title within the Americans Elect corporation.

          This is, however, clearly a violation of the spirit under which Americans Elect is proclaiming its neutrality, especially within the context (see here) of multiple other Americans Elect leaders advocating or acting on behalf of or in opposition to presidential candidates. Americans Elect leaders, including members of the Board of Advisors who according to COO Elliot Ackerman are actively participating in steering the ship of Americans Elect, are presidentially partial. And if they are partial, then that brings into question the proclamations by Americans Elect that it’s not trying to arrange for a particular candidate into question — and makes this sort of story about Americans Elect recruiting very particular kinds of candidates into running a glaring mismatch with what Americans Elect claims. It also makes your (very reasonable) questions of the mechanics of exactly how leadership is influencing outcomes even more relevant.

          I wish you luck getting answers to your questions at Americans Elect’s feedback site, Jack. I’ve asked over a dozen such questions using that system, and Americans Elect has never responded to me. Maybe you’ll get through. If you do, please let us know what you find out.

        2. Solomon Kleinsmith says:

          She’s on some kind of board. She’s NOT supposed to do this sort of thing, but – as usual – this guy takes one piece of truth and expands on it far and beyond anything he’s capable of knowing and inserts his silly little conspiracies in there.

          Sad too. He’d be a good watchdog if he wasn’t such a loon. Most of the people I’ve talked to who are with Americans Elect would cut ties if the sort of crackpot crap this guy talks about as a certainty come to pass. Difference is I look for actual evidence, while this Cook guy makes it up if he doesn’t actually find any.

          1. Jim Cook says:

            Excuse me, Solomon, I’m in the room. Hello.

            As I have said before to you, is there one piece of information that’s in this or any other article (this one I didn’t write, by the way) at Irregular Times that is factually incorrect? If so, please point out that error with documentation. If not, what precisely are you talking about? When I’ve invited you to document any errors in the past, you haven’t done so. I hope you do so now if you have information. The more information we all can obtain and share about Americans Elect, the better.

            And to be precise, Solomon, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is not on “some kind of board.” She’s very specifically on the Americans Elect Board of Advisors, which according to COO Elliot Ackerman is directly engaged in leadership activities. Citations to this effect are in this comment thread.

            Also to be precise, Solomon, it’s not “one piece of truth.” As I’ve also documented in this comment thread, multiple members of the Americans Elect leadership have engaged in promotion or opposition actions or communications in the presidential race. That’s multiple pieces of truth.

            I don’t mind if you call me a “loon,” Solomon, because I know you’re emotionally invested in Americans Elect, and that’s fine. But please, you ought to be able to back up those kinds of words with at least some facts of your own. Provide them.

            Cue crickets.

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