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Drilldown on Americans Elect Platform of Questions: #72 in Vote Elevated to #4 on Final List

Name of the process in which Americans Elect rank and file members vote on which questions will be asked of the eventual Americans Elect presidential candidates in the “Platform of Questions”: Shape the Debate

Text of the question about the national debt that got the most member votes: “How do you plan to address our national debt?”

Rank of that question in members’ vote: 72nd place

Number of other questions about the economy that rank higher in Americans Elect members’ vote: 10

Text of a question chosen by Americans Elect corporate leaders to include among 15 questions in its recently announced Platform of Questions: “How do you propose we reduce the national debt, and how much should the national debt be considered in economic recovery plans?”

Rank of that question in the Platform of Questions: #4

Americans Elect’s first vote, overruled by a corporate board of directors.

Next, they’d like to run a vote to nominate a president.

3 thoughts on “Drilldown on Americans Elect Platform of Questions: #72 in Vote Elevated to #4 on Final List”

  1. aurora1920 says:

    I really appreciate your ongoing monitoring of AE. As you know from past comments, I am enthusiastic fan of AE but I do recognize its potential for not living up to its stated ideals. At the same time, I am finding it very difficult to naviage the website. I wanted so much to monitor whateve they do about trade policy which is the topic that drives me crazy. But you know, I think I’m just too old! Got a response to my complaint about where they categorize trade (under foreign policy) and it looks to me like the answer I got was no help at all. But the “process” to participate is just too complicated for me. I’m thinking to just give up on the whole thing.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Aurora, thanks for writing. Would you be able to share the response to your complaint?

  2. Jack says:

    Jim – any chance we could get in touch? I’m writing an article that I hope to get published in a relatively mainstream publication on the current state of Americans Elect, and your comment would be invaluable. I entered my email address in the field above, and I assume you can see it. I hope to hear from you soon.

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