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How Can Christians Object To Homosexuality In The Star Wars Universe?

The Religious Right just took strange to an entire new level. Not content to restrict the freedom of living and breathing human homosexuals here on Earth, they are now seeking to force fictional non-humans in distant galaxies from entering into homosexual relationships.

Tony Perkins, of the Christian right wing Family Research Council has denounced the ability of characters in an online video game to enter into homosexual relationships. Characters in the game are not able to have actual sex, but are able to form same-sex romantic attachments.

deity with long hairThe video game, Star Wars – The Old Republic, is set in a time thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader. That particular detail of the the video game got me wondering what the theological justification is for getting upset about the relationship status of fictional extraterrestrials in far away galaxies in the distant past.

There is no Christian Bible in the Star Wars world. The characters aren’t humans. They’re extraterrestrials. If Darth Vader lived “a long time ago”, and the video game is set thousands of years before Darth Vader, that means that the characters in the video game lived long before the book of Leviticus, which right wing Christians cite as the source of the ban on homosexuality, was written. So, how can Christians object to the idea that somewhere on another planet, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, members of another species had same-gender sexual bonding habits?

Jesus didn’t preach on the moon of Endor, as far as I know. There’s no way that the characters in the Star Wars video game could have read the book of Leviticus. Leviticus was never published anywhere in the galactic republic of the Star Wars world, so, even if the authority of the god of the ancient Israelites were supposed to extend all the way to this distant galaxy, the specific prohibition against homosexuality from Leviticus never seems to have been imposed there.

Besides that, Leviticus declares that “You shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind”. That’s men and women. It doesn’t say anything about what ewoks or wookies should do.

Finally, and yet most obviously, the Star Wars universe does not exist. It’s fictional. So, the characters there aren’t really in homosexual relationships, are they?

Many people would point out that the god of the Bible is fictional too – just a different kind of fiction from the fiction of the Star Wars universe. These two fictional settings are completely separate. To get upset with characters in the Star Wars universe about their lack of obedience to the rules made by the divine main character of the Bible is kind of like getting upset with Peter Pan for not helping Dorothy and her friends defeat the Wicked Witch of the West.

Maybe Tony Perkins and his friends at the Family Research Council believe that their deity is so powerful that its laws against homosexual relationships apply to absolutely everything – even fictional non-human species in distant galaxies in far away galaxies. If that’s the case, though, surely there would also be a ban against homosexual relationships among non-human species here on Earth. There are plenty of non-human creatures on Earth, however, who engage in homosexual relationships. If it’s wrong for non-human fictional creatures to have homosexual relationships, then it must be wrong for non-human creatures on Earth to have homosexual relationships too. So, why isn’t Tony Perkins preaching to these creatures to change their ways?

One thought on “How Can Christians Object To Homosexuality In The Star Wars Universe?”

  1. GOD is and Always HAS BEEN says:

    Yes these indeed are irregular times.
    Interestingly enough what you are asking is not about an old landmark
    crumbling. It is actually a testimony to one that will never crumble.

    As I read your mocking story, one would have to accept your basic premise that
    God “has not always been and is not alive now” therefore He must be just a crumbling landmark to you and as a result you are opening up a new path for many. This is based on your tag line for your blog. Yes. I read that.

    Interestingly, in your post you refer clearly to how Leviticus applies to mankind
    which is from the Old Testament.. You might wish to refer to the NEW Testament too. Romans 1: 18-32 clearly does state what must be foolish in your estimation.
    According to those passages that would then make you a “wise” person.

    If one does not accept your premise here is what actually one could be left with
    as a pathway. You see. I consider the half glass full instead of this half glass empty philosophy that is being purported here.

    If one soes not accept the half glass empty hypothesis,
    you just might have to admit that prior to the book of Leviticus,
    GOD EXISTED. You see, it you accept that Almighty GOD has always
    existed, you would then have to understand that no matter what planet
    you come from, you are always in the presence of God and that He is
    the ONE who is the ONLY creator of all things and GOD.

    Does one really need to fall back on as an excuse that the Bible did not exist
    therefore GOD could not exist?

    It appears that when you think in only limited terms you are only able to apply
    limited thinking. God’s ways are higher than YOURS and you are not in control
    can also be applicable after-all HE is GOD and we are not GOD.
    If you can accept that, then you could accept that God wishes to have a relationship with us whenever HE chooses with a book or without one.

    Man always wishes to attack man for respecting and honoring GOD.
    That is the biggest perpetrated deception there is but that is because
    man can only think in terms of what man is capable of.
    Many non-believers are not capable of believing that there
    is a GOD that is beyond their limited capabilities as a human.

    You see man can accept the presence of EVIL but he can’t accept
    the presence of GOOD, 9 out of 10 have no problem stating,
    “heck yeah there is evil in this world”. Go ahead and test that one out.
    Man has no problem accepting that there is an opposite for everything
    found, hot / cold , up / down, left / right, right / wrong, Evil / Good
    ……and so on.

    In this case dominating Evil [ think WWII and Germany or terrorist activity today ]
    even is accepted but Supreme GOOD. Not so much. Why is that?

    Dragging out the presence or the lack of the presence of the bible serves
    no purpose if you accept that evil exists but deny the GOOD. You are only
    promoting exactly that you believe in that evil and that it exists since you cannot
    accept that the Bible is only but fictional and not real to YOU.

    You can accept that point I am sure. Many perpetrators of non-belief
    in God use the bible to show what “they feel” is clear evidence
    that God is fictional in “their” estimation yet it is not a 2 way street
    for the bible to be used as proof to show
    that there is a GOD. I haven’t been able to find anything yet
    that perpetrates a truth that evil triumphs over good in the end or that the
    Devil triumphs over God in the end. Why is that?

    Truth is still the Truth, even if nobody believes it, and a lie is still a lie, even if everybody believes it. I can’t take credit for that. It is a quote from a very good Christian soul, Bishop Fulton Sheen.

    To point out that GOD is fictional to many does not make it TRUE.
    That just points out that there are many that are non-believers in GOD.
    Why try to confuse that? No code is necessary.
    Actually, the fact is that more believe GOD is a myth
    rather than believe in HIS existence. Let’s be very clear here.

    GOD gives everyone a choice, a free will, to choose whether
    you love HIM or not. Do you really want to have to ask if someone
    loves you or do you want them to tell you of their own free will?
    If you have to ask them, do you really know then if they love you freely
    of their own choice or just saying what you need to hear?

    If you wish for a Christian to PROVE that GOD says this or that, it is not for
    any Christian to PROVE that to you. That is the trap that non-believers
    wish to push on all Christians and believers in GOD.
    “Prove GOD exists to me or else you are a foolish person.”
    That’s sowing discord and just foolish to ask that or to even fall into that trap.

    The Christian need only confirm and stand up to what is true in their own life
    as to the existence of anyone who might ask.

    You, yourself need ONLY ASK the source, GOD.
    You don’t have to take anyone’s word or believe a “story”.
    Nobody is going to make it real for you and even if they
    tried, no amount of proof would suffice for you because you did not
    experience it for yourself. It does not exist in “your” life but
    that does not mean that you will not be asked “one day” why you
    never asked.

    You see, you receive not because you ask not.
    You actually are answering your own question.
    As a result, It does not belong to you.
    Many do know therefore it won’t be accepted on faith by you what anyone else says. It’s a non-believer’s deception and trap to ask for that.
    Why not make it your own and ASK God if he exists?
    You will get all the proof you need and it will be YOURS to own and
    experience rest assured. You will also have then no excuse.

    There has not been one indication where anyone who has sincerely
    asked GOD to reveal himself to them personally, that HE FAILED to do so.
    The key is asking sincerely and being honest to only one person, YOU that you
    wish to know if this is true. Even if you asked mockingly, you will get an
    answer. GOD can’t be mocked but that doesn’t mean that you can’t test that.

    Why not take your concerns to GOD in all sincerity and ASK for
    it to be made known to you HIS presence in your life if you
    wish to point out the truth? Point out truthfully that you have done this.

    After which, Come back here and DENY that GOD exists and that HE did not
    make clear to you HIS presence after you truly asked in all honesty
    and in all sincerity. It is not for my sake just so we are clear here.
    My eternity does not rest on this decision. I would think
    a person would want to know this for themselves anyway so why
    not take this that seriously and ask the source?.

    Fair to ask that of you is it Not?
    Then you can let everyone know that GOD exists or not.
    How about doing that? You could be the one to confirm
    for all of mankind the existence of GOD or not?

    If you choose not to do that, fair enough
    but then there is no need to slam anyone else who has.

    Using a cartoon to take this tact that you have is a pretty weak
    way to ask such a serious question of a Christian.

    unless you have some uncanny ability to be able to absorb
    thei truth and information by osmosis, it would be better
    for you to take this responsibility of exacting the truth for yourself
    so that it is acceptable to YOU. Clearly, whatever a Christian will
    state won’t be proof enough of GOD’s existence so the full
    responsibility for me as a Christian is to let you know if you
    ASK this of GOD, HE will answer you and make known to
    you that HE is there in your life. Once you ask, you have
    to watch how your life will change and YES you have to “choose”
    to accept that or reject that. It is really up to you more than you know.

    You see if you have not done this, then you are clearly speaking
    about something you know nothing about.

    In many persons eyes then you would be the one writing the fictional blog
    instead of the truth. How credible does that make you?

    One thing I will note is whether this post makes it to this blog
    as a part of giving the full picture of all options when YOU ASKED THE QUESTION.

    If does not make it here, that is understandable but there will always 3 who will know that fact. So if your question was not a rhetorical question, I have answered your question as a Christian in all sincerity and honesty.

    Peace, Love and Spiritual Joy to All.
    In Jesus Christ, Our LORD, GOD and SAVIOUR

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