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Americans Elect Relaxes Presidential Candidate Qualification Standards for Craig Ennis, Creating Precedent

With 77 days to go before the first ballot, the combination corporation/political party called Americans Elect opened up a system today for delegates to draft presidential candidates to appear in its proprietary, privatized online presidential nominating system. The official rules of Americans Elect create three standards by which a draft candidate can qualify to appear on the ballot.

Standard 1: If a candidate has been one of the following… “Vice President, United States Senator, Member of Congress, Presidential Cabinet Member, Head of a federal agency, Governor, Mayor of any of the largest 100 cities in the United States, Chairman or Chief Executive Officer or President of any corporation or nonprofit corporation or philanthropic organization with 1,000 or more employees, President of a national labor union with 100,000 or more members, military officer who has attained flag rank [General or Admiral], Ambassador, and President of an American-based university with more than 4,000 members” … then the candidate is Automatically Qualified as a presidential-quality candidate and has to collect just 10,000 clicks of support from 10 states to appear on the ballot.

Standard 2: If a candidate does have the experience referenced above, but the Americans Elect’s corporate Candidate Certification Committee steps in and decides that the candidate is qualified to be president anyway, “in view of the Contingently Qualified Candidate’s equivalent experience and demonstrated capability,” then the candidate is deemed Contingently Qualified as a presidential-quality candidate and has to collect 50,000 clicks of support to appear on the ballot.

Standard 3: A candidate not Automatically Qualified or deemed to be Contingently Qualified by the Candidate Certification Committee can still qualify for the ballot IF the Candidate Certification Committee vote to reject the candidate was not unanimous. In order to obtain ballot qualification, a majority of all people who have ever been registered as Americans Elect delegates will have to visit the Americans Elect website and affirmatively vote to support the candidate’s access to the ballot.

The first candidate to be drafted for the Americans Elect presidential nomination today was one Craig Ennis. As you can see from this screen capture of Craig Ennis’ draft candidate page, Americans Elect has placed him into the Automatically Qualified category:

Americans Elect Declares Craig Ennis to reach the Automatically Qualified level for a presidential candidate

“Because this candidate has a similar level of experience as past presidents, he or she needs at least 1,000 supporters in each of 10 different states to qualify.”

How did Craig Ennis get Automatically Qualified?

Has he been Vice President, United States Senator, Member of Congress, or Presidential Cabinet Member?


Has Ennis been head of a federal agency, Governor, Mayor of any of the largest 100 cities in the United States, or Ambassador?


Has Ennis been Chairman or Chief Executive Officer or President of any corporation or nonprofit corporation or philanthropic organization with 1,000 or more employees, President of a national labor union with 100,000 or more members, or President of a University?

No. Ennis lists work as electrician’s apprentice. That’s honorable work, but it’s not what Americans Elect describes in its qualifications.

Has Ennis been military officer who has attained flag rank [General or Admiral]?

Apparently not. Ennis lists himself as an Army veteran and a National Guard veteran, but he is not listed in any public document as having obtained the rank of General or Admiral.

Despite this lack of qualifications in line with the rules for Automatic Qualification, Americans Elect has brought Craig Ennis up to the top-level Automatically Qualified status.

What qualifies Craig Ennis to be Automatically Qualified?

He doesn’t appear to have held any elective office. He ran for the Virginia House of Delegates and got 24.5% of the vote against a Republican who was running otherwise unopposed. His affiliation: Independent Greens of Virginia, a conservative political party not affiliated with the Green Party.

The June 10 2009 Wayback Archive of shows off his civic qualities as he begins his first run for political office:

Here is a call to Arms, I put forth a call to all of those who oppose.The roots of Liberal Agenda has not had the time to spread.These roots are weak and vulnerable, they are susceptable to destruction.

In 2009 you the voter of the 28th House District of Va. will have a part in this Rebellion.I will need volunteers for this Guerrilla War against the Obamanizing of Virginia. I will need people to help spread the message, I will need precinct Commanders to help organize the operation.

The question is how committed to the cause are you?

Join the Rebellion!

Vote Craig Ennis ( Delegate) 28th House District ,November 3 2009
Eastern Stafford and Fredericksburg

That “call to arms” could be just metaphorical, right? How about Craig Ennis’ Twitter account? He begins September 6 2009 with this thought:

TEST TEST TEST is this thing on? This is my first tweet please bare with me. If you hang around I am sure its gonna get good.

Oh, it got good all right. On April 17 2010, Ennis writes across a series of twitter posts using his account ABLE DANGER. You have to read them backwards to read them correctly:

P.S. Shut the hell up Bill Clinton I had Bin Laden for you to kill in 1998 and you were a pussy like the letter of Nov. 28 1998 said yu were
17 Apr 10 Favorite Retweet Reply

to bottle us up. You have insulted to many honest citizens and now you are hearing the voices of your demize. It is over for yall. Your move
17 Apr 10

The people have had enough. The last call will be to the people itself, the people you work for. You have said to much called to many names
17 Apr 10

The second call will be to all Law Enforcement Personell in America, the call will be to protect the citizens. You all are stompin on rights
17 Apr 10

will call to the military to make the choice support a fool or defend the Constitution.
17 Apr 10

I put this open direct words to you, if you try to infringe on the Constituion, I Craig E Ennis will put out the real call to Arms, I first
17 Apr 10

a one term chump and recorded as America’s worst President this is your history I write it Now. Pelosi is a fool the rest of you are clowns.
17 Apr 10

by utilizing the work and intelligence and secret details of the GWOT for political gains will come back to haunt you. You are gona be
17 Apr 10

the 2008 elections was a sweep for the Dems so you got to have health careI speak of the deal we had the White House Bush Admin an Gang of 8
17 Apr 10

When President Bush handed that package off to you, you were given the details of my work 🙂 you know what I speak of. Here is the truth!
17 Apr 10

Kicking the Liberal foundation out from underneath you. Surprise Mr President this is for you and all to see. Hook Line and Sinker you bit.
17 Apr 10

Starting the Rebbellion, Putting the call to all Patriot’s ,Tea Partiers join forces now. It is time to take up arms fight the Liberals. USA
17 Apr 10

“Time to take up arms fight the Liberals.” Charming. I have the screen captures saved in case the account gets deleted, by the way.

If you didn’t get Craig Ennis’ drift enough, try this message of October 24 2010 posted as a comment on a conspiracy website:

I have this messege for you those who think you can cover this up I will show you what a motivated pissed off American can do when he sets his mind to it. BOOOOOOOMMMM it will be the biggest attack America has seen and you the people who cover this up will be to blame watch for it.

Presidential Candidate Craig Ennis issuing threats.

For this man, Americans Elect has pushed aside its own official rules and issued the Automatically Qualified status. What a precedent. If any AE candidate following Ennis is denied Automatically Qualified status, we’ll all have to ask what gives. Loudly.

11 thoughts on “Americans Elect Relaxes Presidential Candidate Qualification Standards for Craig Ennis, Creating Precedent”

  1. Craig Ennis says:

    I thank you for these kind words, it seems I am the target of the moment. Yes I am a part of the working class and I work in the construction field. But the question would be what qualifies me to be in top tier? It’s what the public dont know advising former Presidents Clinton and George W Bush that I would say qualified me.

    This webpage directs the readers to stories that you intend to slant.If you want a interview on how I wrote many programs for America’s war on terror I would love to fill you in. I welcome the targeted attacks that you intend to insult me,as it is said any press is good press.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Well, part of this article is about you, Craig: your multiple threats to commit acts of violence against people you disagree with speak for themselves. If you’re worried that I’ve selected just a slice of your campaign materials, would you like me to link to the bit where you rail against equal rights for same-sex couples? Okay, here you go. If you can’t hack having someone link to your own words during an era when you were repeatedly a candidate for public office, maybe you shouldn’t be running for president.

      But by far, the biggest part of this article is not about you. You happen to be a presidential candidate who doesn’t meet Americans Elect’s exclusionary standards, who would be excluded according to Americans Elect’s antidemocratic rules, but who appears to have had an exception made for him. The point is that if others find themselves excluded from the Americans Elect process, they can point to you as a precedent that Americans Elect should respect.

      1. Craig Ennis says:

        Kind of wrong to talk about my threats of violence as if thats somehow worse than the actual acts themselves as in Oakland and throughout the US by Occupiers.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          You just keep saying that. It’s a catchy campaign slogan. But you might want to read up a bit more first.

        2. t ball says:

          Wow, stop digging, you’re in a hole already.

  2. Craig Ennis says:

    I am glad you want to talk about me,thats what I want. As for being nominated as a top tier I am sorry you dont like that. I got up this morning checked the Americans Elect and the website was in maintenence mode,I checked back later and the Nomination was open. I am sorry I was first Candidate Nominated but let me say this it wasn’t if I just did this today. I sent my paperwork just like you could have to run.

    It seems you are part of the same ole in American Politics I can tell your political leaning is left and that is fine with me. Because when it all boils down I am seeking the Presidency of the United States I am also seeking to be your president also.

    If there is a problem you have with Americans Elects process it should have been taking up with them not drag me into it by writing article 3 hours after nomination process started. I was specifically drawn into middle don’t hate just listen to me maybe you will learn something.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      But I don’t want to run, Craig, because I know I don’t have what it takes to be president. I started reaching out to Americans Elect nearly two years ago. You’re misreading me if you think I would like to prevent you from running for President: go right ahead. But I’d advise against the whole violent insurrection motif this time around. It just doesn’t go over well with the 25-54 suburban soccer demographic.

      1. Craig Ennis says:

        For the record, I used to read your blogs you have shot down AE from the start.If I would say so AE must not have got back to you thus all the blogs of doubt about the organization. I dont intend to have a piss off here with you because I have 60 days to make my case and get qualified to go on to next round. Yes I was put in top tier at AE the thing is I need 10,000 support clicks by April 3.

        As for this campaign this year there is no talk or mention of revolution I wont put out the call for a rebellion do you know why?

        The American people are already in a rebellion.You have 99 percenters protesting the greed of Wall Street you have TEA Partiers protesting Big Government my voice doesn’t need to call out the Rebele yell because Jim America is already yelling.

        Most Americans including yourself have never herad of my name or seen my face before yesterday.This is for good reason the government doesn’t want you or America to fully know my story.

        Would it make you mad after you voluntarily went undercover for the US to penatrate a terrorist organization in Algeria so we could get closer to Shiek Osama this was in 1994,how about then in 1996 you meet KSM yes the professor in Greensboro,NC then well Jim do you have kids?Well I was away from my son from age 3 and half till he was 5,during the time of 1997 till 1999 I met with some of the 9-11 cell across America,I also was spearhead of ABLEDANGER thats googable.

        Would you be mad if you informed the US Government in 1999 of the September 11 attacks yes the government knew everyone in the government knows I knew they dont want you to know. The FBI has known my story,the SECRET SERVICE can verify it also.

        The CIA wanted to nuetralize me because of my operation for Defense Department encroached on their turf . Lt Colonel Tony Shaefer has told you America that we knew about the attacks.

        You would be mad to see people in Washington lie to the American people about 9-11 to cover up their failings.You would be mad if I was in your shoes and did a hit job on you.I have thick skin I’m not really bothered by what you link too you have that right.

        What bothers me is that a problem you have with AE had to dragged out this way.

        Yes a couple of years ago I was ready for revolution and war with the liberals,but do you know what I learned? That the Motto E PLURIBUS UNUM really does mean FROM MANY ONE and that we all have good ideas that benefit us all.

        Yes political rhetoric is just rhetoric but under it all, would you be mad watching day after day the politicians of Republicans and Democrats after 9-11 blame each other for the failures of stopping 9-11.

        What pisses me off the American people being lied to yes there was a cover up of 9-11 I know this the feds know this they dont want you to know this.At this moment in time I am as serious as I can be on running for president.

        America deserves a person who is dedicated to America someone who puts country over party,people over the politics.
        And yes for public record I have asked to take polygraph about the 9-11 stuff I went directly to the FBI and requested the test this was 2003.

        So I’m not sure if that qualifies me for top tier Candidacy within Americans Elect but I am here.

        I have put a call out many times for a reporter who wants to break this story, noone steps forward.

  3. Dove says:

    I wonder if AE and Newt’s campaign might get together after Romney picks up his nomination from layaway (that is to say, he has won the auction and paid for it already). Imagine the automatically qualified marketing opportunities!

  4. Bill says:

    I had begun to think that nothing Americans Elect Corporation could do would surprise me any more, but this move puts the lie to that. It also, one sincerely hopes, drives some huge nails into AECorp’s coffin: going out of its way to specially qualify a certifiable nut-case as a candidate utterly destroys any shred of credibility it might have had with legitimate candidates (name one serious politician who would choose to be discussed in the same paragraph with this guy!), and thus pretty much insures that AECorp can have no impact on the 2012 election. This is great news!

  5. Jim Cook says:

    Update: they’ve revoked the Automatic Qualification declaration for Craig Ennis.

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