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Update: Special Status for Bomb Threat Presidential Candidate Revoked by Americans Elect

Yesterday, Americans Elect announced that its presidential contender Craig Ennis (he of the bomb threats) “has a similar level of experience as past presidents, he or she needs at least 1,000 supporters in each of 10 different states to qualify.” Ennis’ presidential campaign page on Americans Elect looked like this:

A review of the official rules of Americans Elect reveals that such a standard is only supposed to apply to a person with experience as one of the following:

“Vice President, United States Senator, Member of Congress, Presidential Cabinet Member, Head of a federal agency, Governor, Mayor of any of the largest 100 cities in the United States, Chairman or Chief Executive Officer or President of any corporation or nonprofit corporation or philanthropic organization with 1,000 or more employees, President of a national labor union with 100,000 or more members, military officer who has attained flag rank [General or Admiral], Ambassador, and President of an American-based university with more than 4,000 members.”

Craig Ennis has no such experience.

An update: before six o’clock this morning Eastern Time, Craig Ennis’ certification statement has been revoked and replaced with a more vague general statement:

Craig Ennis, no longer declared to be Automatically Certified by Americans Elect

Did some Americans Elect leadership board meet to certify and then decertify Craig Ennis? If so, when and by what margin — and whose idea was it to certify Craig Ennis as Automatically Qualified despite the rules?

Or did the declaration of Craig Ennis’ automatic certification result from some inadvertent glitch not noticed, found and fixed until nearly a day after Americans Elect’s new voting system was introduced and voting to qualify candidates was underway? If so, how did this error in the voting system go unnoticed? What body is responsible for verifying that there are no other mistakes? Has any such independent verification has been made? How can Americans Elect certify that similar voting problems won’t plague the Americans Elect system again when voting proceeds from the current Qualification round to the full Nomination round?

Americans Elect is running a vote now, the integrity of which it is important to maintain. Will Americans Elect explain what happened?

P.S. I’ve formally submitted this question to Americans Elect for them to address. They haven’t answered my other questions. Maybe they’ll answer this one.

P.P.S. As Fruktata points out in the comments, this is a separate question from the question of whether two presidential candidates should have different qualification barriers, one making it easier for elite insiders to qualify and another making it harder for outsiders to qualify. That’s a very legitimate question, but not what I’m asking today. I’m just asking today why Americans Elect has had a voting irregularity in the first day of its process and what can explain it.

4 thoughts on “Update: Special Status for Bomb Threat Presidential Candidate Revoked by Americans Elect”

  1. Fruktata says:

    Here’s something I don’t understand: If there’s a grassroots candidate, why does that candidate need MORE supporters to qualify than a candidate with connections enough to pay people for their support? Shouldn’t it be equal? Electoral wherewithal should be electoral wherewithal, shouldn’t it? If there’s going to be an inequality, shouldn’t it be the other way around, to make up for the big money bias?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I agree.

  2. Brad M. says:

    Ennis doesn’t stand a chance. He is native American. He isn’t a “real” American because he isn’t white. That should eliminate his chances right there.

    Thanks for highlighting his candidacy so I can go “support” him.

  3. Craig Ennis says:

    Jim when Americans Elect fills you in on what happened will you let me know?

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