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What Americans Elect Wants From You / What Americans Elect Will Tell You

Personal Information the Americans Elect Corporation Requires from all Applicants interested in becoming State Committee Members or Electors

Full Legal Name


Birth Date

Social Security Number

Duration of Current Residency

Citizenship Status

Voter Registration Status

Name of Congressional Representative

Plans to Move, if Any

Criminal Record

Reasons for Supporting Americans Elect

Justification of Fit

Plan for Voter Outreach

History of Personal Bankruptcy

History of Civil Suits

Credit Report

Tax History

Employment Verification

Educational Verification

Personal Interviews with Friends, Acquaintances, Associates, Employers, Former Employers, Bankers, Landlords

Agreement “not to file or pursue any complaints, claims or legal actions against AE or any of its employees, representatives, or agents”.

Waiver of right to written notice of investigation

Personal Information the Americans Elect Corporation Shares regarding the People who are Funding its Operations


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