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1, 2, 5 years ago… and today

One year ago today, the Patriot Act was headed toward reauthorization. Populist resistance would temporarily stall its reauthorization, but at the end of May reinstated Patriot Act powers for four years, their longest term yet without congressional review. From that day to today, there have been no new bills introduced to the Congress that would address the provisions of the Patriot Act. The subject is closed.

Two years ago today, Sarah Palin gave a speech in which she, well, I’m not sure:

I guess down here that’s some southern sweet tea, and you know up in Alaska, we have a smaller version of Tea Party up there, and we call it iced tea, and I am a big supporter of this movement, believe in this movement, got lots of friends and family in the lower 48 who attend these events and, across the country, just knowing that this is the movement, and America is ready for another revolution, and you are a part of this.

Today, the movement to draft Sarah Palin at Americans Elect has six supporters, none of them from the South and none of them from Alaska.

Five years ago today, we admitted that we’d been accepting gifts in exchange for expressing favor for a prominent presidential candidate. Today, Mister Thumb sent us another shipment of his own personal nail clippings. We’re doing our best to resist this time. But it’s hard, so hard.

One thought on “1, 2, 5 years ago… and today”

  1. Junga says:

    Rumors suggest that Mr. Thumb is privately encouraging the creation of the Manicure Our Future PAC, which will make unlimited anonymous independent expenditures to benefit the Mr. Thumb for President 2012 campaign, which may be the force behind the Americans Elect political party.

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