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Americans Elect Says it will Answer Any Questions on February 12 at 6pm Eastern. Will It Really?

Update, 2/12/2012 @9:18PM: The Short Answer is “No.” The long answer is that Americans Elect refused to answer any probing, difficult questions. The affair, unfortunately, was a public relations event, not a democratic one. See details here.

There’s a 501c4 corporation and political party on the national scene that has been mum on many matters. Is that about to change?

On February 8 2012 and again on February 10 2012, Americans Elect announced an event during which it says it will answer the questions of the American people:

At 6 pm eastern, we’re hosting a live, interactive webcast… a live Q&A session… Stream the event live at this page when it happens Sunday at 6 pm…. Questions may be submitted either by emailing or by tweeting us at #3WayRace…. This is where we let our voices ring out. Bring your best ideas, questions…

a live town hall meeting hosted by Brian Findlay, Policy Director at Americans Elect, who will describe how the candidate process works and answer any questions voters may have here.

Those interested can submit questions for the Town Hall by email at and via Twitter using the hashtag “3WayRace” (#3wayrace).

You heard Americans Elect. Policy Director Brian Findlay will answer any questions voters may have. Questions may be submitted by e-mail, but that’s private — what’s really interesting to me, besides the fact that Americans Elect says it will finally answer voters’ questions, is the invitation to pose those questions publicly by posting at Twitter and using the #3wayrace hashtag. You can click on this link to see what questions people have posed to Americans Elect for this event taking place in about 27 hours.

As of right now, the number of questions posed via #3wayrace is zero.

That’s not to say there haven’t been any posts using the #3wayrace hashtag at all. The graph below displays a dot for each Twitter account that has made at least one post with #3wayrace in it since February 4 2012, four days before Americans Elect’s first public announcement of the town hall and the date when the #3wayrace hashtag first appeared. There’s an arrow pointing from one dot to another to signify a Twitter account that has mentioned another Twitter account in its #3wayrace hashtag post.

Twitter posts using the #3wayrace hashtag, February 4 to 11 2012

All Twitter posts save one refer to the main Americans Elect Twitter account or that of its for Communications Manager and current National Campus Director, Nick Troiano. The exception, preachermatt_83, is the one of only two people to post a Tweet critical of Americans Elect (“@AmericansElect: #HuffPost piece: #3wayrace #crashtheparty” stupid. An Independent running will guarantee one Obama victory!”). The other critical post, by user bogardner, declares that “@BarackObama is more of a centrist than 3/4 of the @AmericansElect candidates. #crashtheparty #3wayrace.” The remainder of other Twitter posts using “#3wayrace” are either retweets of posts by Americans Elect accounts, or are a conversation among Americans Elect official accounts providing feedback on attempts to configure a UStream account for tomorrow’s event. Many of the twitter posts come from Americans Elect employees. None of the posts are questions.

This leaves open a space for you. Are you an Americans Elect delegate? Are you an American citizen? Then Americans Elect says you are its “true boss” and has pledged to answer any questions you might have.

The floor is open, so let this experiment in democracy begin. I urge you to post your sincere, thoughtful questions for Americans Elect using the #3wayrace hashtag on Twitter between now and 6 pm on Sunday, February 12. I’ll post my own questions, too. I’ll also track what questions people have asked — and finally, I’ll compare them to the questions Americans Elect actually mentions and answers. If Americans Elect is really a democratic exercise in which the American people and the delegates are the “true boss,” then Americans Elect should answer questions that are a fair sample of the questions people pose. If Americans Elect fails to do this, that will be a fairly clear indication of Americans Elect’s undemocratic intent.

3 thoughts on “Americans Elect Says it will Answer Any Questions on February 12 at 6pm Eastern. Will It Really?”

  1. Charles Manning (manning120) says:

    When I first heard about it, I though Americans Elect was going to be a positive contribution that would enable quality candidates to get on ballots who otherwise wouldn’t. Now I wonder if Americans Elect will do anything positive, or allow doing anything positive, to counteract the control of the election process by the mainstream media and moneyed corporations. From what I’ve seen in the non-MSM sources and a couple of interviews in the MSM, Rocky Anderson is my favorite. I haven’t seen anything from his campaign, or the campaigns of other worthy candidates, touting benefits of participating in Americans Elect’s program. When serious alternative candidates call for such participation, I’ll consider spending time with Americans Elect. Otherwise, I think direct participation in a candidate’s campaign makes more sense. Do you agree?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Actually, I’m not sure I do. Would you hum a few bars for me about your thinking on this issue?

  2. William J. Kelleher, Ph.D. says:

    Hi Jim! Thanks for the tip!
    Here is my tweet – #3WayRace – Americans Elect: Have you read and thought about this problem? #PoliSci #cim #ows #ola #oo #occupy #OpESR
    I’d like to know what you have to say about the issue I raise here.

    Bill Kelleher
    Twitter: wjkno1

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