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A Map of 2012 Maine Republican Caucus Results by County (Or Is It?)

2/17 Update: the Maine GOP has retracted its official results for Washington and Waldo Counties, promising after considerable pressure to count caucus votes that had gone uncounted. A new count will be made at the March 10 meeting of the Republican State Committee. See this space for further updates.

2/15 Update: See the end of this article. The data supporting this by-county map are looking fishier by the day.

Over an entire week in February 2012, GOP voters in the state of Maine attended town caucuses in moderate numbers — a bit more than 50,000 — to indicate which Republican presidential contender they would prefer to run on the party ticket for President in the fall. The biggest caucus vote-getter in each county of Maine is shown by map below. Ron Paul territory is indicated by the presence of shiny Amero coins. Mitt Romney is a pile of plastic poker chips. Rick Santorum is a brownish frothy substance. And Newt Gingrich? Well, Newt could have been a flashing “open” sign, or an airless lunar landscape, or an empty history textbook, but that’s all hypothetical because he didn’t actually win the majority of caucus votes in any county.

2012 Maine Republican Caucus Results, Color Coded by County

The plastic poker chips win by population, but Ron Paul’s shiny-Amero support is victorious over wide swaths of land, mostly the ones where there aren’t many people.

Source: Maine Republican Party tabulations of caucus votes — which from time to time, from Cumberland to Kennebec to Knox to Penobscot to Somerset to York counties, occasionally don’t add up. See these results in the table:

Cumberland County, Town of Gorham, row totals to 59, not 56 as reported, an undercount of 3
Cumberland County, Town of South Potland, row totals to 85, not 81 as reported, an undercount of 4
Kennebec County, City and Town of Augusta, row totals to 38, not 40 as reported, an overcount of 2
Knox County, Town of Camden, row totals to 32 not 28, an undercount of 4
Penobscot County, Town of Newport, row totals to 22 not 21, an undercount of 1
Somerset County, Town of Cambridge, row totals to 9 not 8, an undercount of 1
York County, Town of Eliot, row totals to 43 not 44, an overcount of 1
York County, Town of Kennebunk, row totals to 47 not 45, an undercount of 2

Aren’t those curious?

2/15 Update: The discrepancies I noticed aren’t the only ones, as the Bangor Daily News reveals this morning. It turns out that large parts of Washington County, forced to postpone their caucuses due to winter weather, won’t have their caucuses be counted in this tally. Weirder yet, the town of Waterville and multiple towns in Waldo County turned their results in on time to the state Republican Party, yet found their tallies didn’t make the list at all.

2 thoughts on “A Map of 2012 Maine Republican Caucus Results by County (Or Is It?)”

  1. Troy Nason says:

    The vote count for South Portland is correct with 81 votes. However the four extra votes went mysteriously to Newt Gingrich. I know, I was there. We motioned and approved a public count. that went like this as confirmed with the chairman. 29 Romney, 28 Paul, 19 Santorum, 5 Newt, 1 write in. The write in voted himself in, the chairman stated therefore, they did not submit the write in to the state, hence 81 real votes as sealed and submitted to the state. I am 1 of 41 delagates that paid for South Portland.

    As far as the many other clerical errors that are being brought forth, if you sift through them all Paul chips away at most of Romneys 194 vote through towns who have already caucused but have been reported as zero. Some towns just have minor clerical errors that effect every candidate it seems as a net loss on overall totals except for Mitt Romney.

  2. Rebo says:

    Maine, you got a little, um… Got a little sh** back there. Might wanna clean that up, yeah…..

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