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Is Religious Discrimination In Adoption Okay?

Reports from Virginia warn us that the state legislature there is on the verge of passing a new law that would allow religious adoption agencies to take government money to fund their activities, while denying adoptions to couples on the basis of religion. Couples trying to adopt babies could be denied because they don’t go to church, or don’t go to what’s judged as the right kind of church. Couples could be prevented from adopting babies if the couples are homosexual.

The religious groups advocating for this law say that they need it to protect their First Amendment freedom of religion. But then, the groups would be using government money to punish people for their religious beliefs.

Does that constitute religious freedom? Should religious groups be able to take government money and then use it only to benefit people who hold certain religious beliefs?

One thought on “Is Religious Discrimination In Adoption Okay?”

  1. Tom says:

    Any thing goes once the rule of law is shelved. Get used to all kinds of aberrations in this screwed up country.

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