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Neutrality? Americans Elect Leader Mark McKinnon Expresses Support for Presidential bid of fellow Americans Elect Leader David Walker

Talk about inside games.

Despite bylaws and handbooks written by Americans Elect forbidding the Americans Elect organization, its leadership and its staffers from speaking or acting to promote a presidential candidate, it was confirmed earlier today that a day after David Walker was introduced to the country as an Americans Elect presidential contender, Americans Elect sent out a press release singing his praises. Americans Elect and David Walker met more than once before their pair of press events.

And now George W. Bush’s former campaign manager, Mark McKinnon, is getting in the game. He’s listed as as part of the Americans Elect Leadership, the ranks of which David Walker has just joined too. Americans Elect “Leader” Mark McKinnon posted an article at The Daily Beast yesterday at which he writes:

What if the presidential candidates in November turned out to be Jeb Bush, former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker, and Barack Obama?

David Walker, a cofounder of No Labels, and founder and CEO of the Comeback America Initiative, knows more about the federal budget and deficit than anyone running. He also has common sense ideas on how to solve our fiscal problems. Walker could be on the Americans Elect ballot, perhaps as the vice presidential nominee. It’s easy to see that whoever gets nominated on the Americans Elect platform, which demands by its rules a unity pick to balance the ticket, would find Walker a very attractive running mate.

Despite all the Americans Elect neutrality pledges, Americans Elect leaders can’t seem to help but push their own favorites.

The inadvertent message Americans Elect is sending to the public right now is that it can’t be trusted, a problem considering that Americans Elect corporate officers will be counting the votes of their own election process. If Americans Elect wants to bridge the trust gap, it needs to begin to make disclosures, now.

Who are Americans Elect funders? Do they include David Walker’s funder, Pete Peterson, who contributed to Americans Elect’s predecessor Unity08?

What did Americans Elect discuss with David Walker when it met with him? What were the terms of David Walker joining the Americans Elect leadership?

Americans Elect can choose to be forthright and answer these questions. If it withholds information from the Americna public, it should not be surprised at the public reaction it receives as facts emerge, drip by daily drip.

9 thoughts on “Neutrality? Americans Elect Leader Mark McKinnon Expresses Support for Presidential bid of fellow Americans Elect Leader David Walker”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    Some may say, “gosh, Mark McKinnon’s is just describing how nice David Walker would be and, oh, by the way, lookit the presidential run.”

    How about this Tweet from Mark McKinnon on February 19, the eve of the Friedman New York Times article?

    “Mark McKinnon @mmckinnon
    Another option? Experienced voice of reason? David Walker. No Labels co-founder. Knock. Knock.”

    Put it all in context. Americans Elect and No Labels staffers and leaders are coming out for a David Walker candidacy. And neither Americans Elect nor No Labels will say where their money comes from.

  2. Tom says:

    Everything is OKAY when you’re a Republican. There’s no doubt that both of those organizations are off-shoots of the GOP in some way, shape or form. One can just tell by their actions, words (lies) and policies.

  3. Jim Cook says:

    And it continues. Yesterday, Mark McKinnon, an Americans Elect “Leader” and “Advisor”, showed up on MSNBC, mentioning David Walker’s name as a quality presidential candidate three times.

    Watch the video:

  4. Brad M. says:

    I’ve done a lot of research on David Walker (read: I googled him) and now that you mention it…something is a little fishy. I took a long look at the Google Images of Walker and I am sure I am seeing a little Northeast Chinese. Eyes just look a little thin in a way. Almost like plastic surgery. Certainly something a little Xianbei, Khitan, and Jurchen if you know what I mean. I wonder what the code word will be.

  5. John Hain says:

    I am puzzled why Irregular Times dwells so much on fears and suspicions, just like the conflict-exploiting popular corporate media and the gang-mentality political parties, when the Americans Elect process is attempting to create a voter-centered network that is much more democratic and free from manipulation. All the leading AE candidates are there because of support by AE delegates, not the AE founders and committee members. The AE process has already begun to take on a life of its own (just look at the top 20 candidates). In order for it to represent the political preferences of most voters, many more of us need to join, express our views, and support candidates that match them. The more of us that do so the more likely the process will evolve according to our needs and not simply those of disenfranchised minorities. By sowing doubt and thereby scaring people away from joining, a momentous attempt to bypass and effectively destroy the entrenched power of the two dominant parties may be lost.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Free from manipulation… by having the Americans Elect system controlled by a bunch of people who bought themselves positions of leaderships, given veto power over grassroots voters. Oh, how democratic!

      Never fear, John. I’m going to take your advice, and write a series of articles that don’t dwell on fears and suspicions. First in the series: Daisies – they’re pretty, and smell good!

    2. Jim Cook says:

      Look up “John Hain” and “Americans. Elect” and you’ll see that he is part of an Americans Elect “Rapid Response Team,” tasked with the role of dulling the effect of commentary that is critical of Americans Elect. Isn’t that right, Mr. Hain?

      Of course, that doesn’t make what he has to say wrong.

      What makes what he has to say wrong is that:

      1. By bylaws, Americans Elect corporate leadership are also delegates, so saying that the current set of candidates is supported by delegates not leadership is not necessarily meaningful. Besides, as any glance at vote tallies will show, there aren’t that many delegates participating.

      2. This post is not about “fears and suspicions.” It is about the fact that leader Mark McKinnon is busting Americans Elect neutrality, publicly, like Dan Winslow and Christine Todd Whitman before him.

  6. Jim Cook says:

    And, by the by:

    3. Here in America we have no kings to whom we are supposed to be deferential and regarding whom we are to avoid expressions of doubt. Skepticism and the asking of questions are essential to vital democracy, not a threat to it.

  7. Lns says:

    I saw these people on an MSNBC show and much deference was being paid to them. I submitted an email to the show on my disappointment that they were legitimizing a group that allows no criticism and provided links. In part what I wrote was…

    My opinion… just like suppressing the vote, this is just another way of insuring Obama votes are peeled off. Another bunch of conservatives cheating the system as usual, back to deregulation, plundering the safety nets and the next catastrophe to seal the deal. If their candidate loses, no biggie, it means the Republican will win and whoopee we get deregulation, war, and plunder anyway. If I am wrong, I will admit it.

    If I am right, don’t you find it cowardly and deceitful; to try and sneak in the back door, thus avoiding the excruciating day-to-day admonishments, fact or fiction, from research or spin, that ever other candidate is subjected to? How duplicitous to the people that go to their website thinking what they have to offer is good old American grass roots, but is fronted by corporatist shills, shame on them for trying to rig the game and you for playing along.

    So, as you see, I agree with your comment.


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