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You Islamic Radical – Oops – I Mean Environmentalist!

When Alice Stewart, the press secretary for the presidential campaign of Rick Santorum, went onto MSNBC, her purpose was to tamp down controversy. She was supposed to explain how, when Santorum had accused Barack Obama of having a “phony theology”, Santorum wasn’t really accusing Obama of being a fake Christian. Stewart was amazed at how anyone could jump to such a conclusion. What Santorum was saying, according to Stewart, was that Barack Obama had the wrong environmental policies.

islamic radical press secretaryMost people, when they hear the phrase “phony theology”, don’t think that environmental policy is what’s being referred to. What we all don’t understand, Stewart said, is that caring about whether our children are drinking toxic chemicals is just a form of religious worship, a “theological secularism”.

Theological secularism? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? The term secular is used to refer to something outside of the realm of religion. The term theological is used to refer to a particular form of religion: Belief in supernatural divine beings that rule the universe. Theological secularism is like “hot cold”, “round squares”, or “idiotic genius”.

Idiotic genius. We may be on to something there. Alice Stewart’s purpose seems to have been to at once confirm and deny that Rick Santorum thinks that Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim, and not a Christian at all.

Perhaps that’s why, just seconds after explaining that Rick Santorum’s campaign was not accusing Barack Obama of being a fake Christian, Alice Stewart referred to Obama as “radical Islamic”. One side of her mouth says that it has nothing to do with religion, while the other side of her mouth says that it’s all about religion.

After people heard her accuse President Obama of being a secret Muslim extremist, Alice Stewart came back to MSNBC and said that her use of the phrase “radical Islamic” was just a slip of the tongue.

We all can understand that, right? Why, just the other day, I was at the grocery store, and I asked the man at the deli counter for some “thinly sliced radical Islamic”. The man stared at me in confusion. I said, “I’m sorry. I’m tired. I meant I want some thinly sliced turkey breast.” It happens all the time.

Alice Stewart’s explanation, that the phrase “radical Islamic” just accidentally slipped out, is disturbing in itself. It suggests that the people on Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign keep a belief that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim radical just below the surface, swimming in with their other semi-conscious resentments against Obama, ready to erupt at times that make no logical sense. Alice Stewart, and Republicans like her, are practiced at stringing together a bunch of crazy assertions without regard to logic, or to basis in fact.

8 thoughts on “You Islamic Radical – Oops – I Mean Environmentalist!”

  1. Tom says:

    yeah. about those MOOSLUM climate changers and the deniers:
    Leaked climate-change denial lobby docs came from water scientist

    “Water scientist Peter Gleick admitted that he was the source for the anonymous leak of documents from the climate-change-denying Heartland Institute. The documents — obtained under a false name, and then leaked — showed Heartland’s budget, corporate donors (Koch Industries and Philip Morris featured heavily), and a plan to produce deliberately confusing materials about climate change for use in middle school curriculum.

    It is clear from the documents that Heartland advocates against responsible climate mitigation and then uses that advocacy to raise money from oil companies and “other corporations whose interests are threatened by climate policies.” Heartland particularly celebrates the funding that it receives from the fossil fuel fortune being the Charles G. Koch Foundation.

    Heartland also continues to collect money from Philip Morris parent company Altria as well as from the tobacco giant Reynolds American, while maintaining ongoing advocacy against policies related to smoking and health.

    Heartland’s policy positions, strategies and budget distinguish it clear as a lobby firm that is misrepresenting itself as a “think tank” – it budgets $4.1 million of its $6.4 million in projected expenditures for Editorial, Government Relations, Communications, Fundraising, and Publications, and the only activity it plans that could vaguely be considered policy development is the writing of a curriculum package for use in confusing high schoolers about climate change.”

  2. Jim Cook says:

    I have myself often mistakenly referred to my son as “Islamic Radical” at home: “Islamic Radical — I mean Cleve — get over here and help me with the dishes!”

  3. t ball says:

    To paraphrase Franklin Graham today: “Who am I to question Obama’s so-called Christianity?”

  4. Tom says:

    yeah, well meanwhile, down on the farm:
    (via cryptogon)
    Now glyphosate found in people’s urine
    “According to an article in German in the Ithaca journal, a German university study has found significant concentrations of glyphosate in the urine samples of city dwellers. The analysis of the urine samples apparently found that all had concentrations of glyphosate at 5 to 20-fold the limit for drinking water. As well as being used increasingly widely in food production, glyphosate-based weedkillers often also get sprayed onto railway lines, urban pavements and roadsides.

    Disturbingly, the Ithaca journal reports (in our translation), “The address of the university labs, which did the research, the data and the evaluation of the research method is known to the editors. Because of significant pressure by agrochemical representatives and the fear that the work of the lab could be influenced, the complete analytical data will only be published in the course of this year.”

    News of this study comes not long after the publication of a study confirming glyphosate was contaminating groundwater. Last year also saw the publication of two US Geological Survey studies which consistently found glyphosate in streams, rain and even air in agricultural areas of the US.

    Other recent studies – see the abstracts below – indicate that people may not only be absorbing glyphosate from multiple sources but that it can circulate in the blood and can even cross the placental barrier and so reach the developing fetus.”

    and, while we’re lookin’ at the prezinint:
    AP source: Obama seeks 28 percent corp. tax rate

    He wants to LOWER the corporate tax rate! Now? For real? Doesn’t he know that tax income is WAY DOWN due to all the unemployment? Oh, right – it’s an election year “stunt.”

  5. Tom says:

    “moderation” – wtf are you talking about? So now you’re into CENSORSHIP?

    Geez, your site sure has changed.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      No need to go 0 to 60, Tom.

      We’ve talked about this before:

      1. We don’t delete comments, other than spam advertisements for Levitra and credit card scams and stuff like that. We get about 1,000 attempts to post comment spam every day, almost always by some automated program. Just about every blog on the planet is plagued by these.

      2. So we use a software service called Akismet, which does a scan for the most common spams out there and flushes them out. Akismet also looks for the forms of comments that most resemble spam — and this includes comments that make repeated use of links, like yours here. In the latter case, Akismet software automatically suspends the comment in a trap until we can get to it and tell whether it’s spam or not. Half the time it is, and half the time it isn’t. If it isn’t, we fish it out of the trap.

      3. There is no #3. That’s it.

      We can’t/won’t stop using Akismet, because if we did we’d be up to our gills in FREE FAT-BURNING RUSSIAN GIRLS WHO WANT TO MEET YOU GET YOUR SCHLONG 7 INCHES LONGER AND MAKE $100000000000 MILLION A DAY FROM HOME! This is just an unfortunate side effect that’s occasionally a problem when people write in the same particular form that spammers use.

  6. Tom says:

    Oh, okay. Sorry – i (think i) never encountered moderation on your blog before.

    Hey while we’re on the environmental platform:

    Vanishing of the Bees – Beekeeper Leaks EPA Document.
    The EPA is failing in their mission to protect the environment and granting licenses to companies whose products are scientifically unsound, as this video explains. Not good.

  7. Patrick Doyle says:

    This Santorum comment was typical of right wing Christian extremists. They equate reasoned opinion based on study of facts with a belief system that parallels their own. I am unsure whether this is because they are consciously trying to create a false equivalence between themselves and reasonable people, or if, in fact, they simply do not understand how thinking people see the world.

    It is possible (perhaps even likely) that, since their opinions are formed by a belief system that relies on biblical authority, with no need for or possibility of proof or evidence to back it up, that they project that pattern of thought on others. When your most closely held beliefs are held purely on faith, it might be easy to assume that everyone else’s are also. Thus, my reasoned opinion looks the same to Santorum as his theology, and he sees ‘theology’ as being the same thing, therefore, my beliefs are also ‘theology’.

    This is the result of confusing ‘belief’ with ‘faith’. I believe in gravity, I believe in chemistry, astrophysics, and the Michigan State Spartans. These beliefs come from empirical evidence and observation, not from an amorphous feeling in my ‘soul’. Faith is the intentional suspension of critical thought. For some of us there can be no belief in anything without critical thought, for others belief is based on emotion alone this is called faith, theology, religion, etc. When your mind does not require reason to make the most important decisions in your life, how can you be expected to understand these subtle differences?

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