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How to Spot a RoboMailer, Lesson #412

Reading automated e-mail blasts can be so much fun. Today Irregular Times receives this missive from “Whitney Reed”:

Hello ___,

Do you accept guest posts for your site
If so, I would be very interested in submitting an article for publish.

I own a Christian College website called
It’s a great resource for anyone who is interested in attending a college
or university that focuses on Christian values.

For your website, I would be happy to write on any topic you suggest,
or I can come up with a topic that will fit well with your page’s

The article will only be used on your site. All I ask is that you
allow me to place a link to my website at the bottom of the article in the
author bio.

I would certainly appreciate the opportunity to submit a guest post.
I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you for your time!

-Whitney Reed

E-mails like this comfort me. Has artificial intelligence advanced enough to take over military networks and conduct robot war? Not when the computer program generating this message concludes Irregular Times would be interested in sending traffic to a marketing website for Christian colleges.

The sad thing is that somewhere out there in cyberspace, there’s a real person who fell for a SEO (search engine optimization) scammer selling third-party links. Cue violins. Please, don’t let this happen to you. The SEO strategy that really works doesn’t cost a dime. It’s called “writing.”

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