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Newt Gingrich’s Latest Visionary Proposal: Publish An Old Book!

Disgraced former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich may have lost Michigan, and Arizona, and practically every other state that’s had the chance to vote on his presidential campaign, but that’s not stopping him from claiming that he’s a super genius. Campaigning today in Georgia, Gingrich said that he is the only presidential candidate with “really big ideas” Gingrich described himself as a “visionary”.

Gingrich compared himself to visionaries from the American past: “Lincoln had a vision of a transcontinental railroad, the Wright brothers had a vision that they could fly. Edison had a vision that we’d have electric lights…. Henry Ford had this vision you could build a low-cost car with mass production.”

A transcontinental railroad was a visionary new idea – airplanes, electricity and industrial mass production too.

So, what’s Gingrich’s big new visionary idea to move America forward into a better future?

Drumroll, please… Gingrich told the crowd today that his vision is “the Bible”.

Um, Mr. Gingrich, sir, they came up with that idea two thousand years ago.

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