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Does Libertarian Liberty Include The Right To Lie To Your Customers?

According to FEC records, Judy Kay Gray made about nine thousand dollars in independent expenditures yesterday in order to help the Ron Paul for President campaign by purchasing huge stacks of “super brochures”. Super brochures? Oh, super.

Who is this Judy Kay Gray, and how did she get so much spare cash that she can afford to toss thousands of dollars to help a losing presidential campaign?

judy kay grayJudy Kay Gray is the founder of North American Herb and Spice. North American Herb and Spice was started on the strength of just one line of products: “Oreganol”. Oreganol is a dietary supplement that is made from oregano that is claimed to be picked from the wild in the Mediterranean. (So, North American Herb and Spice really isn’t very North American after all. Why North American Herb and Spice couldn’t grow oregano here in the United States, and bring jobs back to the USA instead of shipping its oregano all the way across the Atlantic Ocean is beyond me.)

The health claims for Oreganol are all over the map. One Oreganol product claims to have antioxidant powers. Another claims to be made with water that is especially high in oxygen content.

Judy Kay Gray got in a conniption about Big Government when her company was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for making false claims about the health benefits of Oreganol. Judy Kay Gray and North American Herb and Spice promised customers that its Oreganol products would prevent and treat colds and flu, saying that this statement had been scientifically proven.

When asked for it, Judy Kay Gray could not muster the evidence to support her claims, and so instead of going to trial to defend herself, she agreed to settle. The settlement prohibits North American Herb and Spice from telling customers that Oreganol does anything to fight cold and flu unless scientific evidence is found that substantiates the claim.

Oreganol is still being by Judy Kay Gray and North American Herb and Spice, but without the claim of treating cold and flu. Instead, Oreganol now is claimed to do vague things such as supporting “natural mineral intake”. There aren’t any scientific studies that indicate that oregano picked on wild rocky mountains has the power to prevent colds or even to shorten them.

But, now Judy Kay Gray is on an anti-government kick. Supporting Ron Paul and other libertarians is one way to get government off the backs of companies selling snake oil and other health remedies that don’t have any proven scientific merit. As for me, I’d rather that the government stay on their backs. I don’t think that the freedom of companies to lie to their customers about the attributes of their products is a freedom worth fighting for.

5 thoughts on “Does Libertarian Liberty Include The Right To Lie To Your Customers?”

  1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Fraud is a violation of the non-agression axiom/principle.

  2. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Oregano has relevant info under Medicinal Uses category!

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Ah, WIkipedia, the peer reviewed journal. Judy Kay Gray cited some petri dish studies, but she couldn’t back up her claims of cold and flu prevention and treatment with any scientific studies.

      I love oregano, but I don’t think it’s a cure all health wonder. It tastes really good on pizza.

    2. LAMAR C. CHAPMAN III says:

      Greetings Stephen Kent Gray:

      Stephen you may remember me as former outside business counsel for Cassim Igram and Judy Kay Gray at North American Herb and Spice.

      Saying that: “Oregano has relevant info under Medicinal Uses category” violates the Federal Trade (“FTC”) Commission settlement agreement of North American Herb and Spice and is what got “Ms. Judy” and Cassim Igram in trouble in the first place. There is nothing magical about being in a “Medicinal Uses category” for any product to warrant selling pizza spices in a capsule for $39.00 for thirty (30) capsules or for .20 cents worth of Oregano. Besides, water from any municipal water fountain or kitchen faucet is also found to have “Medicinal Uses”!

      Are you the same Stephen Kent Gray that I did the custody paperwork for “Ms. Judy” to leave that boarding home in Shelby County, Memphis, Tennessee who went to that boarding home or private school in St. Charles, Illinois?

      The cult never stops working. Good to see that you are being properly indoctrinated.

      Lamar C. Chapman III
      Oak Brook, Illinois – USA


    Greetings Friends:

    My experience as outside business counsel for Judy Gray and her “sham companies” indicates that Cassim Igram, an Illinois doctor who permanetly surrendered his medical license for medical misconduct is the actual “owner” of North American Herb and Spice a shame off-shore, Wesley Snipes type tax evasive organization(s). See, United States vs. American Institute of Curative Medicine, Case Number 07-CV-03890. Blowing the whistle on Judy and her tax evasive team caused “Ms Judy” as referred to by her cult-type organization caused me to be indicted for writing a $350.00 corporate check pursuant to a valid power of attorney(s); signature card(s); corporate resolutions(s); bank authority and allowed “Ms. Judy” and team to go for more than 19 years without paying any corporate taxes for more than twenty-two sham companies tax liability valued at more than 120 million dollars. See, Lamar C. Chapman III v. Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, Case Number 10644-10W. This money is hidden in uncut diamonds; original art work; antiques and off-shore real estate that has recently been moved (except for real property) to London, England via private chartered carrier.

    Judy’s attorney, known by the FBI as the most corrupt politician in Chicago, David Schippers bought “Ms. Judy’s” freedom by manipulating the outcome of criminal tax evasive proceedings and according to him, “fixing the case all the way to the top.” The IRS Inspector General and the Justice Department is still investigating this matter. I’ll keep you posted.

    I once was blind, but now I see!

    Lamar C. Chapman III
    Oak Brook, Illinois – USA

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