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Reading the Auras of The Presidential Candidates

Earlier this week, as I was driving late at night through a barren patch of western wilderness, the only signal I could catch on the AM radio was of a show on paranormal activity, featuring Pam Oslie, a “consultant” who claims the ability to read auras. As I listened to her speak, I felt a surge of energy burst through me, coming with the simultaneous recognition that I had a similar power, as of yet untapped.

The first aura I read was the one from my car. It was flashing yellow, warning me that the engine was about to run out of gasoline.

During the long moonlit walk to the nearest town, I resolved that the first human auras I would read would be those of the Republican presidential candidates. So, three hours later, I pulled up the scratchy motel blankets, turned the TV to MSNBC, and waited.

The candidate to appear on the screen was Ron Paul. His aura contained alternating stripes of white, black and brown, which converged as I watched the aura, so that the white stripes grew larger over time. These stripes came to dominate, so that there was soon white supremacy throughout the aura, with nothing but white purity. Whatever that might suggest about Ron Paul’s political personality, I just couldn’t say.

Next to appear was Newt Gingrich. His aura first appeared to be a purple color, which took on a sickly tone, then quickly turned to orange, and then, after appearing to stay true to this second color, developed an open patch, and then turned to a bright spring green.

brown frothy spiritual energyBefore long, Mitt Romney‘s picture came up. The aura was dark black, and then it turned white, and then turned black again.

Finally, Rick Santorum‘s image flashed on the screen. His aura was thick brown, but frothy. I stared at his aura for the longer time, but to be honest, I just couldn’t figure out what his energy was all about. What on earth is thick, brown and frothy?

Obviously, though my spiritual power is undeniable, I have to work at mastering its mysterious symbolism.

11 thoughts on “Reading the Auras of The Presidential Candidates”

  1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    keptics such as Robert Todd Carroll contend that auras may be seen for reasons such as migraines, synesthesia, epilepsy, a disorder within the visual system, a disorder within the brain, or due to the influence of psychedelic drugs such as LSD. Eye fatigue can also produce an aura, sometimes referred to as eye burn.

    I agree with Robert Todd Carrel. Auras are produced by various causes. Given the fact the unblinkingly staring at an object is one method of seeing auras.

  2. peace&liberty says:

    In terms of Ron Paul…. what other well known historical figure has had a white aura?? And was able to influence people like he is?? Hmmmm…. i’m sure some of you will say its because he’s a white supremacists, but I think its because hes a prophet

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      He’s a very popular prophet among Neo-Nazis, yes.

      1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

        Which is a weird example of fandumb. Ron Paul is an avid individualist and anti-racist. Hitler on the other hand was an avid racist and anti-individualist.

        1. F.G. Fitzer says:

          WHAT? His freaking signatures are on racist newsletters! His own people say that he personally approved the newsletters! He’s been reported in meetings with Neo-Nazis, and has refused to return campaign contributions from white supremacists. He’s against the Civil Rights Act, too. In what world does this make Ron paul an avid anti-racist???

  3. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Yes, Ron Paul is an avid anti-racist! He also believes in freedom of speech ie not censorsing ghost writers / contributing editors, freedom of association, civil rights as negative rights not positive rights, etc.

    Racism is defined as the belief that one race of people is genetically superior to all others and that the race should be dominant. As you can see by that definition racism would require a person to be a collectivist. That’s racism as the actual word. Racism as an epithet has been thrown around for reasons other than that. Generally, lots of things other than actually being a racist will get people the label racist ie not believing in political correctness, not supporting affirmative action, not supporting forced integration, etc.

    1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

      I forgot to put a Wikipedia link!

      Racism is the belief that inherent different traits in human racial groups justify discrimination. In the modern English language, the term “racism” is used predominantly as a pejorative epithet. It is applied especially to the practice or advocacy of racial discrimination of a pernicious nature (i.e., which harms particular groups of people), and which is often justified by recourse to racial stereotyping or pseudo-science. Racism is popularly associated with various activities that are illegal or commonly considered harmful, such as extremism, hatred, xenophobia, (malignant or forced) exploitation, separatism, racial supremacy, mass murder (for the purpose of genocide), genocide denial, vigilantism (hate crimes, terrorism), etc.

      Modern usage often equates “racism” and “racial discrimination” and defines the latter term only as applying to pernicious practices. Differential treatment of racial groups that is intended to ameliorate past discrimination, rather than to harm, goes by other names (e.g., affirmative action); the characterization of this practice as “racism”, “racial discrimination” or “reverse discrimination” is normally only done by its opponents, and typically implies a belief in the harmful nature of the practice with respect to the groups not receiving assistance.

      “Racism” and “racial discrimination” are often used to describe discrimination on an ethnic or cultural basis, independent of their somatic (i.e., “racial”) differences. According to the United Nations conventions, there is no distinction between the term racial discrimination and ethnicity discrimination.[1]

      In politics, racism is commonly located on the far right due to the far right’s common association with nativism, racism, and xenophobia.[2] However, racism has occurred in progressive politics such as the historical concept of White Man’s Burden by Rudyard Kipling that claimed that whites had a moral obligation to bring civilization to allegedly barbaric “savage” non-white societies that were deemed as backward in comparison to white societies; and historically by liberal figures such as John Stuart Mill who denounced Hindu civilization in India as a backwards feudal society and saw Europeans as superior in terms of development of civilization to Hindus, thus legitimizing the right of the British to imperial rule in India.[3]

      Anti-racism includes beliefs, actions, movements, and policies adopted or developed to oppose racism.[citation needed] In general, anti-racism is intended to promote an egalitarian society in which people do not face discrimination on the basis of their race, however defined. By its nature, anti-racism tends to promote the view that racism in a particular society is both pernicious and socially pervasive, and that particular changes in political, economic, and/or social life are required to eliminate it.

      Anti-racism is the opposition to racism. Libertarians will use different means from say progressive to achieve the same ends.

        1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

          I also found a great article by Andrew Sullivan with a link to the article it’s refuting.

  4. Stephen Kent Gray says:
    1. peace&liberty says:

      Thanks Stephen!!

      Point blank, anyone who thinks Dr. Paul is a racists is ignorant and most likely brainwashed by Rachel Maddow. He believes in protecting the individual, which automatically excludes any form of racism because racism is a collective idea. Its views people in groups.

      Hes against the part of the Civil Rights Act that prohibits discrimination from private businesses. NOT because he supports discrimination, but because he DOES NOT support the government using force on private business. The government cannot tell you who you can or cannot allow in your home, because its your PRIVATE home. Its a private property rights issue. He feels the same way with businesses. Also, if states wanted to put in such a policy, it would be their right under a Paul presidency. Plus, he was entirely against Jim Crow Laws, which was institutionalized racism. See the hypocrisy there?? Remember, it was GOVERNMENT who had black and white water fountains and encouraged businesses to do the same.

      Lastly, he gains inspiration from Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and MLK Jr. He was against using tax dollars to give Rosa Parks a ceremony, saying it was not authorized by the Constitution, but he offered to pay for it out of his pocket and suggested other congressmen and women do the same! Of course, they just wanted to use force and steal our money instead…. man, hes such an evil guy!

      Ron Paul 2012!

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