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Scientists Confirm Finding “Osiris Particle” Is Near, Or Not

The AFP news service reports that American scientists have confirmed the results of work done previously by scientists in Europe. Their findings: Particle physicists have confined the range in which the Higgs boson, long theorized to exist, might exist. This means that physicists are closer to finding the particle, although it’s also possible that they will not discover the particle at all, given that it might not, in actuality, exist at all.

egyptian god not the higgs bosonThe physicists who search for the Higgs boson have given the particle the suggestive nickname “Higgs-boson”. Journalists who report on the search for the Higgs boson, however, commonly write about the theoretical particle as the “Osiris particle”, because they’ve found that when they don’t use the religiously evocative nickname, no one pays attention to their articles.

Other news in scientific research:

– An “Aphrodite matrix” aids healing in the gumline
– Taxonomists report that there are many more species of “water Satans” in North American streams and lakes than had previously been realized
– Scientists have analyzed the content of the core of the “Zoroaster comet”
– Neuroscientists have discovered that the “Quetzalcoatl accumbens” structure in the brain is related to ADHD

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